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OrangeCoat sign

After six years on Stone Avenue we've moved to Main Street. There are couple of different reasons we're moving, but the main one is that when you're the only people in the room you're both the smartest and dumbest people in the room. We don't want to be either. The space we've moved to is called the The Forge and is part of the larger Iron Yard project. It's a space made up of artist, programmers, startups, videographers, photographers, architects, designers, successful long-term business people, and plywood. Here's to not being the smartest people in the room.


PS: We took the OrangeCoat sign off our building and have been trying to build anagrams ever since.


Jim Ciallella ~ 1 year ago

Taco On Gear

Jim Ciallella ~ 1 year ago

Get A Corona

Adam Gautsch ~ 1 year ago

Get a Corona ....for @thebrandbuilder by @allella…— Adam Gautsch (@agautsc) March 2, 2013

Jim Ciallella ~ 1 year ago

Racoon Gate

Jim Ciallella ~ 1 year ago

No Toga Race

Tiffany ~ 1 year ago

At Goon Race

Visitor ~ 1 year ago

groat canoe- definition could be a canoe that carries groats.

For reservations, call office(800) 890-1702. Send fan mail to our work location at 2 North Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601-2719 USA 34.850823 -82.398746
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