10 obsolete technologies to kill in 2010

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I agree with pretty much the entire list of 10 obsolete technologies to kill in 2010. Of the 10 on the list my top three have to be:

  1. The fax machine (for the 13th year in a row)
  2. Land line phones
  3. 'Cigar lighter receptacle' plugs in cars

and three not on the list but should be are

  1. Internet Explorer 6
  2. CRT Monitors (though OrangeCoat still uses 3 of them.)
  3. Cable/ Dish TV packages. Every channel should be a la carte.


Nobrainer ~ 8 years ago

I agree with four items (fax machines, cigar lighter outlets, www, redundant registration). I especially agree about the www and I effing hate entities that require the www (e.g. the TSA... and we're supposed to believe these are smart people who stay ahead of the curve!?)

The others I don't necessarily believe are worth killing, and I don't believe Elgan's logic is very well thought out, frankly, because the technologies aren't obsolete.

Jim Ciallella ~ 8 years ago

#11 - SMS / Text Messaging

Limiting a communication to 160 characters is only cool in Twitter (140 characters) or setting meta descriptions (150-160 characters) for your website. Having to spend 5 minutes to reword a text message, and using text lingo like LOL, just to meet the 160 limit is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous, charging people with unlimited data plans to send a text.

Email on a mobile phone has been around for years and is a reasonable replacement for text messaging. Life will be better when the masses stop spending $20/month for unlimited text messaging and go for the $30/month for unlimited data plan and a capable phone. Then, we can all use email, Google Talk, or even Blackberry Messenger to communicate as much as you want, with no length limits.

Chat programs on the Blackberry and iPhone offer many more features than SMS, like who is online, status messages, profiles, profile pictures, receipt confirmation, groups/friend lists, group chatting, direct dialing, real emoticons, and have no character limits. Blackberry messenger even allows for sending photos, your location, music, video, or any file. Google Talk for mobile devices integrates with regular browser chat, so people can chat with you from a laptop or a phone.

#12 - Splitting Content over Multiple Pages

The article on ComputerWorld is split over two pages to generate extra page views. Stop being a "page impression" whore and figure out a way to deliver ads that people will actually click. Increasing the click-through rate will make more money and keep visitors happier.

#13 - Pop-up advertising
ComputerWorld does this as well. No explanation necessary.

that guy who moved to spartanburg and never came back ~ 8 years ago

I disagree with the cigarette lighter plug.
But only because I'm a smoker
who should probably quit.

Happy New Years OC Crew

Brian Cendrowski ~ 8 years ago

I can vote to get rid of Flash? It has to be the most over-mis-used technology that has degraded the usability of countless websites in an effort to seem cool and cutting edge. What they end up being are frustrating and time consuming. When used by qualified and skilled developers it can be an agent of good, it is far too dangerous to be in the hands of the general public and needs to be killed.

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