Khaki Revolution

Posted 12 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Note: Both Sites mentioned in this post have since re-designed. I want to say at least in small part to me bitching.

I was walking through Target the other day attempting spend the gift certificate my sister got me for my birthday (my feelings on how bad of an idea limiting ones spending power by forcing them to spend money at a particular store has been expressed several times to my sister but I still appreciate her taking the time to get me a gift all the same.) when I overheard this conversation:

Lady 1: “What a cute baby, what is her name?”

Lady 2: “Ansley”

Lady 1: “Oh, what a beautiful and unique name”

Lady 2: “Thanks, we thought it was unique too until we put her in a playgroup and there were three other Ansley’s there and her doctor said that he has two other children he treats name Ansley also and…”

That is about all I got of the conversation because I got distracted by the deal of the century, Freddy Got Fingered on DVD for $5.99.

What is the moral of this story? The unique is now the normal. It reminds of kids that try to be "punk" or "alternative" in their dress and style but anytime you see a group of more than 5 at least two are wearing the same exact damn shirt.

The polo shirt and khaki pants revolution has begun. Khakis are the new punk- I'm the new punk. People are going to begin moving to the other side of the street when they see me walking towards them. Ladies are going to start grabbing their purses extra tight when I stand next to them in elevators. And, on the Sunday news cast a mowhawked and multiple pierced anchor woman is going to give a report on the destruction of our social fabric because groups of people are wearing their hair short and shirts tucked in to their pants.

The horror. The horror. They will cry.

Yeah Adam, but how the hell does this relate to the web world?

Good question and I'm glad you asked. To be truly unique in your web presence you need a site that's clean, professional, usable, and useful. The clichéd unique website is the over dramatized flash. Great design companies that I really respect in many fields often times fall for this cliché. Check out how two quality firms make you work to see their impressive portfolios by making them move all around like a video game. (, How can you inform people about your talents if you are forcing them to play on line wack-a-mole to get any information?

The entire point of this rant is simple. The next evolution of the web, the people on the cutting edge is not the people named Ansley who design super intricate flash animations that serve no real purpose. They are people named Adam (of course) who create web pages that function correctly and without having to make people think or work to get information. Google understands this and they are about to have one of the riches IPO's in Wall Street's history. Other didn't and had some of the biggest bust in Wall Street's history.


Gnowe ~ 12 years ago

At last...I've been eagerly awaiting an excuse to chant the Marilyn Manson mantra and paint my lips black. The ever elusive norm is merely a pair of combat boots and studded collar away? You...secrete me

CSpin ~ 12 years ago

Freddy got Fingered is not a deal at $5.99, unless you are going to use it as a frisbee....

[...] It’s not that it didn’t take talent to make that site, it’s just not what website should be. At least not during the Khaki Revolution. [...]

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

Being "punk" when punk wasn't acceptable in the late late 70s and early 80s simply meant to not conform. The "punks" of today have no clue on what it really means, they are all conforming to non conformity and all look the same. Black lipstick, nail polish, clothes ... that's not what it was all about at all. Go listen to Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics' music and "punks" of today may get a real dose of the real scene and when it originated.

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