1967 v. 2006

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch




Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

Err.. I say the 1967 movie could only be done in 1967 but I think I'm lying. The more I look at it the more 'Web 2.0-y' it looks.

olivier blanchard ~ 15 years ago

The chip stacking is kind of slack though.

... Although Carl Jung might interpret it differently.

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

RE: Olivier's Comment:

The poker was the most unbelievable part of the entire movie.

-----------------POSSIBLE SPOILER---------------

Final hand- flush loses to full house loses to bigger full house loses to straight flush. That happens.

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

Yeah, I thought they could have done a more believable job on the central pillar of the movie. The poker was disrespectfully awful.

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