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Posted 8 years ago by Madeleine Muska

The title sounds a little more epic than the post really is. Here are just a few bands that are already rocking the 0'ten.

Browsing through Paste, Spin, Rolling Stone and a few other music magazine websites, the "bands to watch out for" sections are always eye catching. Scouring through the list, playing song after song, the question, "really?" seems to come up after most of the tracks. However, there are few bands that are worth a listen.

Beach House
Dropping their third album, Teen Dream,* on January 26th, has already gotten a great deal of attention and praise. Their single, Used to Be, is a good example of their lulling sound. They stick to rather slow beats but, overall, their sound is very distinct. If there's one thing to say about this band, they have mastered their sound. Just good quality tracks all around. So definitely be listing to their new album. It will help you look cool.

Now for some bands that have already made names for themselves that you better be in the know about:

A band that has remained at the top of indie playlists even though they took a hiatus for 3 years, Spoon, has come out with their latest fast pace set of song gems. Transference was released after months of attention. It was greatly anticipated, and I'm going to say, it was totally worth it. The album is quite strong. Written in Reverse is a must listen. If you're looking for fast indie cred, name dropping Spoon and their latest album is one good step.

Recognized for hopping tracks, OK Go released their third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, continuing to prove their ability to produce tracks with treadmill dance-ability. I Wan't You So Bad I Can't Breathe is a fairly exciting track. Probably not as indie cred building, but Ok Go is just good to be in the know about anyway. Especially knowing that it has been 5 years since their last album. Go Ok Go!

For daily song recommendations, ChipperDemon has put together a Facebook page. So be sure to become a fan.

*The ChipperDemon CD title, Super Teens and Marshmallow Dreams flashes through my mind everytime

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