7th Kingdom of Life

Posted 14 years ago by Evan Tishuk

"Technology is accelerating evolution. It's accelerating the way in which we search for ideas.... what technology is really about, is better ways to evolve. That is what we call an infinite game...Technology is actually a cosmic force." ~ Kevin Kelly at TED


olivier Blanchard ~ 14 years ago

I resent that. I'm a perfectly valid cosmic force as well, and predate most of today's "magical" technologies.

Note that I have already outlived the betamax tape, the Atari 64 PC, 4.5" discs, the Furbie, and even the once world-dominating walkman, for starters.

I may not be a cosmic force on the level of Cthulhu or Chuck Norris, but still. I'm a friggin kung-fu action disco-dancing cosmic force of cool, damn it.
Can you dig it?

Bear ~ 14 years ago

How did Kevin Kelly get his domain name KK.org? I didn't think you could get two letter domains.

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