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Posted April 09, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

You want to really anger me, speak poorly of Dale Murphy. He was the best outfielder of the 1980's and I will not argue this point. Anyways, he has started a foundation to "help the world of sports overcome the illegal performance enhancing drug problem." I'm with him and you should be too.


Susan ~ April 09, 2007

Oh Dale first celebrity crush. What a perfect champion for the cause.

Adam Gautsch ~ April 09, 2007


When are you moving back to Greenville? TN doesn't deserve such an enlighten person.

Susan ~ April 10, 2007

Alright! Sounds like I'm out of the doghouse for making disparaging remarks about John Swartzwelder. Speaking of, I picked it up again this weekend and finished it. Admittedly, I laughed at the part about the calculator being in the other room. Not a bad read at all.

As for moving back, no plans yet but you guys would be the first to know.

Adam Gautsch ~ April 10, 2007

The best way to get back in my good graces is to speak well of Dale Murphy. Let that be a lesson to everyone.

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