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Posted August 03, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

It is not even lunchtime yet and I've ended three friendships.
One for speaking ill of Dale Murphy.
One for speaking ill of Yoda and
One for living in Clemson for eight years and never eating at Mac's.

By the end of the day I'm going to have no friends left.


Adam Gautsch ~ August 03, 2006

Good news. One of my friends is back. I over reacted to C-Town's life style choice of no-Mac's. That's my problem not his.

"Bear, when will you accept me for who I am? No, I haven’t eaten at Macs and no I haven’t seen Star Wars."

The other two said things that can't be un-said though.

Bobby ~ August 03, 2006

I knew about Cory's unwillingness to go over to the dark side, but how can you have never eaten at Mac's. I'll be honest, there are other places I like better, but when you have friends like Woods, Bear and Evan, stopping by Mac's for a artery clogging snack is a given.
CTown does march to the beat of another drum though. And don't forget that it was Joe who introduced us to CTown...and Joe is just...Joe.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 03, 2006

When one of the places you like better is Wendy's Bobby- your vote only counts half.

That being said, at least you've been to Mac's and that is a good thing.

Bobby ~ August 04, 2006

I've probably eaten Wendy's twice in the past two years...true. I loved the Mellow Mushroom's pizza. I know you love Todaro's or whatever, but I still think the Shroom was the best in Clemson. And anyone who says Papa John's had the best pizza in Clemson, doesn't deserve to go to Clemson.

ihatetrucks ~ August 04, 2006

Papa Johns did have the best pizza that you could buy for $5.00. PJ's was 2 steps above a $0.50 G&W but 1 step below a mellow mushroom.

Bear did you read the article on ESPN.com about larry the legend?

I am unsure how an ill thing could even be said about Dale Murphy. He was perfect. People should strive for Murphy'tion

Adam Gautsch ~ August 04, 2006

Ha. Yes we should all strive for Murphy'tion. I agree.

I did read the Larry Legend article. I feel I can't speak on Larry though. I came to him through video and highlight films more than anything else. Murphy on the other hand, was my youth and will not let others speak ill of him.

BTW, Peppino's is the best pizza in Clemson, bar f'ing none. I'll fight all that say other wise. Mellow Mushroom- 'Too much French Pastry, not enough Krispy Kreme.'

C-Town ~ August 05, 2006

Peppinos is the best pizza in Clemso, best in the Upstate and I'm guessing it could be the best in the state. Their downside is the douche bags they have working behind the counter. Todaros has the friendliest staff or for that reason I continue to go back. Joe & I once cancelled our campus lunch plan and instead ate at Todaros about 10 times a week. Mellow - it's a little too Mellow. I don't know if the staff their is allowed to toke up on the job, but everything there takes forever. They are a little too laid back.

Bear, I'm looking forward to our visit to Macs. I wasn't able to finish off my Farewell Dinner Tour like I had planned.

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