A couple of quick updates on stopping self aware robots.

Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch


Lord ~ 14 years ago

Perhaps robots could learn sounds and maybe even someday play some stuff on the said guitar but I'm betting they can only play "Smoke on the Water" riffs. Boy that would be annoying. Also I like the idea of attacking a robot convention. Are there ever big protest at robot convensions with like doomsday signs and all that jazz?

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

I still think that robots are our best defense against a zombie apocalypse, so I might have to sit out the raids on robot convention until I get a clearer view of when the zombies are most likely to start taking over the world.

Just covering all the angles.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Speaking of jazz, could a robot with a self-tuning guitar ever play jazz?

Lord ~ 14 years ago

Yes Robots may be a good defense against zombies and zombies are definitely scary but you know what is scary then (and also more awesome) then both robots and zombies? How about some bad ass zombie-robots. dear god they are so terrifyingly awesome. also they would undoubtedly destroy us all.

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

Robots can't play jazz.

Maybe they can play robot jazz, but it would be very different from our jazz.

I would venture to say that jazz might be so complex and unpredictable that it might confuse robots - and perhaps even be used as a weapon against them.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago


They could play robot-jazz and dance the robot.

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

Zombie robots would have to start out as cyborgs - or robots turning zombies into cyborgs - but since they could never be as efficient as real robots, I don't think the robot leadership would go there.

Zombie-robots would be clumsy and noisy (what with all the groaning and growling) - not to mention the fact that they would be very messy. There's no way that 100% mechanical robots would stand for that nonsense for very long.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Also, what do you all make of this robot hybrid video?

olivier ~ 14 years ago

I would definitely welcome this kind of dancing robot takeover.

Susan ~ 14 years ago

Olivier, you genius. Jazz, Debussy and Bjork may be just the buffer we need in this battle. I hear ya on the zombies though - in addition to your gift for strategy, I admire your diplomacy as well.

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

Ooo! I hadn't even thought of Debussy and Bjork! Brilliant thinking.

Now we're getting somewhere.

I think that blasting Kenny G at zombies might stop them in their tracks and save us from that whole shooting in the skull nonsense. (Hey, it's worth a try.)

I have a good feeling about our chances now.

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