A Drive in a M5

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I spent yesterday afternoon driving BMW's at the BMW Performance Center. I raced in a M3 and 3 series and joy rode in a 750, 650, M5, and X6. All of that didn't suck. Not one bit. But the part that had me cackling with the greatest amount of joy was riding in the back seat as a pro did a lap around the track.

Super big thanks to the Duchess and the man responsible for the Club that shall not be mentioned for setting this all up. Everyone who can go to BMW Performance Center should.


Curler ~ 8 years ago

That is some mighty fine a-squealing and a-cacklin! I'm gonna pay you boys... tendollapiece.

Seriously, though, it warms the old cockles to hear such joy. The cold, biting envy I feel does counteract that warming, though.

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