A expensive piece of fruit

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The average Apple computer is twice as expensive as the average PC
With the important quote being

Specifications often vary sharply for these systems, with Apple often focusing on faster processors than some rivals in notebooks but at the expense of memory and hard drive space. Its insistence on using mobile processors and custom designs for desktops, however, has created feature discrepancies where a Dell Inspiron 518 tower nearing the $700 mark features two more processor cores, three times as much memory, and twice the hard drive space of an $1,199 entry-level iMac despite both coming with near-equivalent LCDs


Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

And just for a little bit more fun, Developers are having issues with the iPhone NDA

dave ~ 9 years ago

You're paying for the name. I'll bet dollars to donuts it costs the same price to produce a Macbook as it does to produce a Dell XPS.

Sean Gaffney ~ 9 years ago

From a hardware standpoint, yes, Macs are very much overpriced. From an overall standpoint, yes, Macs are moderately overpriced. But OS X is a dream. And I'm not comfortable enough to try to make a Hackintosh notebook.

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