A rare treasure: Yeti skin rug

Posted July 17, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Yeti Skin Rug
Need a gift for the big game hunter who has everything? How about a Yeti rug?. We don't condone this by the way. (via: we make money not art)


olivier blanchard ~ July 17, 2006

If you don't get one, I'll be sorely disappointed in you both.

Bobby ~ July 19, 2006

It looks like Scuttle from the Little Mermaid was run over my a 16 Wheeler.

scroll down mid page

Adam Gautsch ~ July 19, 2006

Minus 5 for the Little Mermaid reference.

Bobby ~ July 19, 2006

Oh but I can reference a the floating dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas and everyone agrees...don't hate me cause I rule.

Adam Gautsch ~ July 19, 2006

Oh yeah, isn't an 18 wheeler too?

Bobby ~ July 19, 2006

I use the metric system and secondly Arielle is smoking...she's the hottest Disney character next to Belle from Beauty and the Beast

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