A Typeface for the Underground

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Sketches of the London Underground sign

A fascinating blog post on the history of the London Underground typeface.

Thank the Lord for the link.


Lord ~ 8 years ago

I think that typography is interesting anyway, but to put it in the historical context of the above piece is fantastic. It points out just how important something like a font-style can be in creating an identity. It also provides a lot about innovation.

My favorite quote from the post, said by John Miles ~ “but not changing something is a perfectly legitimate design decision. It can sometimes be better to retain the existing core and make modifications – and perhaps improvements around the edges.”

It is the classic, "don't re-invent the wheel" approach that I think sometimes gets overlooked, not just in design, but in all sorts of aspects of life.

Glad you found enjoyment in the piece as well.

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