A Valentine's Day List

Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I quit writing 'The List' entries a while back because I was tired of being so negative about things. I wanted to look on the bright side of life. This has worked to limited success. But, since today is Valentine's Day, I decided to give you a quick list of things that have angered me lately. So back, for one day only, five things that have made 'The List' lately.

1. H&R Block Tax Cut Business Software- All this does is help you create a pretty tax return. It doesn't give you actual help understanding any of the words used in the forms. If I knew what my annualized basis dumaflocahy was I wouldn't need to pay 80 bucks for the software now would I Chuckles?

2. Valentine's Day Commercials- Every woman isn't a whore but every Valentine's Day commercial makes them out to be.

3. People who don't celebrate Valentine's Day because it's a holiday created by corporations- Every holiday is corporate---get over yourself and don't celebrate Valentine's Day for a good reason, like you are miserable human that no one likes because you always try to make everything political or more important than it really is.

4. Biographies that have been made into movies and then the publisher decides to put the star of the movie on the cover of the re-release of the book instead of the actual person. American's are not that stupid or star struck---put the actual person on the cover---we can put two and two together. Well, maybe we can't but still show some respect for the person the entire book is about for fuck sake.

5. The guy who bought three boxes of those chalky candy hearts (total cost $1.07) at Publix in late January and paid for them with a check. If I wasn't about 99% sure I would have lost the fight, we would have fought.

There you go, 5 things that have made 'The List' lately. Happy Valentine's Day to all.


Adam Gautsch ~ 16 years ago

I forgot to add Charter to the list as well. Clear your damn server cache or what not.

tom sherman ~ 16 years ago


ihatetrucks ~ 16 years ago

I hate the law of supply and demand. Why should a dozen roses cost $12 bucks last week and $60 bucks this week. People will argue it is supply and demand but that is crap, no one ever runs out of roses on V-day because you can go to grocery store tommorow and a dozen roses will cost you $5 because they have a shit load of flowers left. Price gouging bastards

Bobby ~ 16 years ago

I hate flowers. Can you honestly tell me that when you smell flowers, you think it's a good smell???? I'd rather give someone some strawberries or an apple pie, they really do smell good, plus you can eat them (or play with them...thank you Jason Biggs). Flowers suck in general...and the fact that they usually cost 50 bucks a pop chaps my ass...but I will admit that I will continue to buy them for the ladies. Flowers are like nature's Ruffies....or so I'm told.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Let's see... this is, overall, a negatively flavored post filed in the "vitriol" category. We have one commenter who goes by the name "ihatetrucks" and the next comment begins with "I hate flowers."

You guy's know Vigo the Carpathian?

Keith ~ 16 years ago

I'm generally a loving person with a slight lean toward the apathetic side of life. This is expressed in large degree through a vested interest in escapism, in which I strive for dubious achievements in various first person shooters and MMO's. However, I cannot stand websites that hold my browsing experience hostage with markup that interferes with my back button. Having to right-click and select a page prior to the one I'm trying to flee back to becomes marginally more annoying time after time. My aggravation totals out somewhere between someone stealing my favorite parking spot and climbing a clock tower with an SVD Dragonuv strapped to my back.

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