Alcohol August: A CD Release

Posted 11 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The play list:


Jubilant Pillager ~ 11 years ago

For a junior album it has had good reviews so far. ChipperDemon is already planning out a few things for the next one. The website dies officially tomorrow. ChipperDemon is currently in search of a new medium and will inform all when a source is rendered.

Jubilant Pillager ~ 11 years ago

Good News!!!

ChipperDemon sucked it up and set up a blog. There you will be able to find the listing of the first CD (Welcome Home Josie - July 2007) and the recent August release. Also, you will find a pole set up to vote for the top three. Whichever top three get chosen the most wins Top Song of the Month and will be considered for the Best of 2007 CD compilation.

Be sure to check it out and vote!

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