Alicia Keys and Jack White sing the new Bond theme song

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Alicia Keys and Jack White sing the new Bond theme song.


dave ~ 9 years ago

I like the song, I hate the video. It's so overtly stylized it comes off look like a Verizon Wireless commercial.

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

Did they both just jump the shark even though that only technically applies to television?

dave ~ 9 years ago

Actually, yeah. I'd agree with that sentiment.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

I'm pretty sure the term Jump the Shark has Jumped the Shark. It's now something like "Nuking the fridge" thanks to Indy 4.

That being said, I think Bond videos are suppose to be overly stylized and cheesy. That's part of the tradition. However seeing Jack White faux guitar dance is not a good sign for his future endeavors.

dave ~ 9 years ago

To a point, but this is just visually distracting.

Madeleine ~ 9 years ago

Ray LaMontagne is coming out with a new album featuring his response to Jack White's recent buddy-upping with Alicia Key's: Meg White

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