"All you gotta do is think about it"

Posted 9 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Athlete Focus is growing pretty fast (5,476 registered action sports athletes as of this writing). With more people using the site, we noticed a gradual decrease in performance. We started talking about hardware upgrades and more advanced caching methods. Then the Yoda of code, Jim, pointed his brain-laser at a couple queries and -- viola -- site runs like a dream. Faster than ever actually. We timed it. It's wizardry like this that you just can't take for granted. Jim likes to downplay these feats by saying things like, "all you gotta do is think about it." But the truth is that he is so indispensable I don't know what we ever did without him.
We're not worthy


C-Town ~ 9 years ago

I always wondered why you hired this kid, now I know.

Nobrainer ~ 9 years ago

The work we (and by we I mean my co-workers and I) do is pretty systems intensive. Queries can quickly get out of control and become quite time-consuming.

Yesterday we all received passive-aggressive, albeit rare, email about query efficiency and always running explain statements. I checked our wiki about the topic and noticed some language similar to Jimmy C's. "[I]t's possible to write queries, carefully use keys, and have things be fully optimized just by thinking about it long enough."

Writing good queries is definitely a skill and a science that most people can't appreciate.

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