An Orange Christmas Circa 1983

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

OrangeCoat's Olan Mills Style Christmas Postcard

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year

As we finish up our fifth year in business we'd like to thank all our clients, friends and family who have been with us throughout (and those who recently jumped aboard).

It was acceptable in the '80's

Designers usually take inspiration from great pieces of art, literature and movies. Not OrangeCoat, we consider Olan Mills our muse.

What? You don't remember the greatness of Olan Mills photos from the 1980's? Here's the evidence.

Of course, our hands aren't exactly clean when it comes to Olan Mills photo shoots (as I imagine yours aren't either). Here are some pictures of future OrangeCoaters wearing their Sunday best in the early '80's.

More Funny Photos and Outtakes

We had a blast during the photo shoot for this card. So much so, we took 87 photos, went through 3 wardrobe changes, and countless ridiculous poses. Here are a couple of outtakes and behind the scenes shots from our photo shoot.

We've received a couple complaints that this Flickr slideshow sucks, so here's the raw Flickr set.

Stalk us, please.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with us.

PS: Wonder who the fourth person in the photo is? Subscribe to one of our feeds or check back to the blog later this week. It will be explained.
PPS: All thanks to our friend Paivi for taking the pictures.
PPPS: It is impossible to find a white turtle neck at either Target or Wal-Mart. We blame Steve Jobs and his love of the mock turtleneck for the near death of the real turtleneck.


olivier blanchard ~ 9 years ago

I can't take my eyes off this thing. It's so brilliant I have no words. :D

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

The photoshopping was time-consuming but relatively straightforward. I had the opportunity to employ a really useful masking technique for hair -- something I don't usually get to do on my own photos.

But I have to give a ton of credit to Jimmy C for (1) having the perfect dazed Dumb and Dumber look (2) putting his hand on Adam's causing everyone to immediately explode laughing (3) coming up with "Hoping Yule Log onto..." Jimmy is totally the MVP.

tina phelps ~ 9 years ago

The christmas card set is just perfect! I chuckled the whole way through ... they were all great photos! You all are just too hilarious!

slusser ~ 9 years ago

I can not even tell how awesome these pictures are, the best part is the fabric elephant that is in the background of the first few pictures. I wondered what happened to it.

Sean Gaffney ~ 9 years ago

Jim's matted down hair and facial expression is perfection. Teh win.

Unnamed Man #4's matching hat and scarf are pretty fantastic as well.

dave ~ 9 years ago

This is incredible. Bear + Blazer + Turtle Neck + Tinted Aviators = Win. Great thing to open up the RSS to after a week of Intertron hiatus.

Also, New York sends it's love to the OC family.

Laura MacPherson ~ 9 years ago

Too funny! You guys are great!

Lindsey Spires ~ 9 years ago

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!

steven ~ 9 years ago


You raised the bar on this one.

Sheila- BB&T ~ 9 years ago

This is hilarious!
Adam- the red sweater w/ turtleneck makes it look like a neck brace. Very funny!

Mike Gowan ~ 9 years ago

You guys need to dress like this all the time. I especially love Jim's Cosby sweater.

I totally laughed out loud at the third one from the end, in the out-takes.

Nicole ~ 9 years ago

Evan = not sure yet
Bear = Robert Goulet
Lord = Tiny Tim
Jimmy = Lloyd Christmas or my Uncle Mike

Victoria ~ 9 years ago

Absolutely brilliant ... but where's your dog?

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

We tried to take some photos with the pups but they all came out pretty silly looking and we aren't prepared to make ourselves look silly. After all, we are professionals.

In some of the outtakes you can see the dogs running around in the background.

Clemson-Mom ~ 9 years ago

As the mother of one of you handsome young men, I must say that I never saw my son looking like such a NERD! I can only pray that women will still find him attractive!!!!
YIKES!!!!!!! Seriously - I think the picture is great.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

If it makes you feel any better, Jim was quoted often in the work life balance article in the Greenville Magazine.

moni. ~ 9 years ago

I laughed so hard when I opened this link, ... so hard. I'm still laughing.
It's simply hilarious.

miss you bunches, kids...

Jim Ciallella ~ 9 years ago

We're pretty sure my sweater was a woman's. It was in the men's section at Safe Harbor's Hope Chest Store and I grabbed it off the rack right before they closed. It was oh so comfortable with those shoulder pads.

Jeffery Padgett ~ 9 years ago

Totally bad ass! Good stuff. Merry Christmas guys. Hope all is well for you back home. I always expect the best from you guys and you always deliver. Cool cats with good tech....and humor.

Sharon ~ 9 years ago

I am laughing so hard I have no words! Evan, if I knew you were looking for some historical pics from your past I have plenty. You hang on our walls in all your 1980's splendor. Thanks for the comedic relief!

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

It's not too late Sharon. Any '80's Evan photos you'd like to scan and email to me, please do so.

Carp ~ 9 years ago

So now we know what Santa's elves would look like if he wore all orange instead of all red. Good job guys!

Sheryl Renee ~ 9 years ago

These are so Olan Mills pix! You guys did a fabulous job with the shoot!! Love the Christmas Card!

matthew Smith ~ 9 years ago

You all are scary. Very Very scary. Please consider drinking more.

W ~ 9 years ago

After all of the plain business "Holiday" cards I have received over the past couple of weeks... Nay, over the past few years... This is the most creative one I can remember. Great work guys. This deserves to go viral!

I went through the outtakes and it's perfect that Adam worked in (wearing) the brand reference. Nice touch.

I can't wait to see the next Olan Mills inspired holiday photos.

Patrick ~ 9 years ago

Very Olan Mills but with out the "copy restriction" or being forced to crop or or clone out the Olan Mills sig! ;) (Don't tell the Olan Mill's Police I said that) Personally I was reminded of the Monty Python Troupe.

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