And so we made pasta

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Tri colored boilded in different pots
We made several pounds of fresh pasta last weekend. Here are some photos of the process. Honestly, pasta is not that hard to make if you always use more eggs than the recipe tells you to use. Our magic number was 1.5 eggs per cup of flour.


Susan ~ 9 years ago

I would help my mom roll out pasta when I was a kid - she always enjoyed the lasagna noodles, while I felt nothing could ever top homemade spaghetti with her mom's meatball recipe, and sauce made with tomatoes fresh from our garden. She wasn't ever big on garlic, and this was before my love affair with mushrooms or finding out that parmesan cheese that did not have to come in a green cardboard cylinder, but it was still amazing. Looks like you guys (and gal) had fun!

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