Another Big Lebowski DVD

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

If you are a big, Big Lebowski fan (and who isn't) it's very possible you could have already purchased two different versions of the DVD. And now there is a chance to get a third. Stop releasing multiple versions of the same movie!


Eric McCarty ~ 9 years ago

Unrelated comment. Sorry. Did you fellas know that the Google Street View car hit Greenville recently? It was news to me Saturday. They got Knoxville too. Post up a pic of OC headquarters for us courtesy of Larry and Sergey.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

It's a wonderful day when, on one of your blogs you can post to another one of your blogs.

Perhaps I should get out more.

Susan ~ 9 years ago

I love the Google Street View feature! It goes in waves...Nashville went online a few months back, but last night I noticed they've since come back to increase the footprint. Judging from the unruly height of shrubbery in my yard it was pretty recent. I also saw that Greenville was added, and was crushed to see that they went all around my old neighborhood but couldn't bother to go down the little cul-de-sac where I lived.

olivier ~ 9 years ago

Who needs a DVD when you have the thing burned into your brain?

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