AOL's Just Deserts

Posted 10 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Yes, this is four years old. Yes, it was popular on Digg today. But I didn't know the whole story about Winamp and now that I do, Justin Frankel might be my new hero:

AOL cracked down, again -- this time requiring Frankel to seek approval before blogging online. "We fought off the AOL bullshit as much as possible," he says. When the company tried to insist that an AOL icon instantly appear on a user's desktop during a Winamp installation, Frankel hit the roof. "I'd be like, 'Look, our users don't want to use AOL!' " he says. " 'They think AOL sucks!' "


olivier Blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Hey, my in-laws still swear by AOL. (Evidence that some people never outgrow useless old shit.)

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