Are you an introvert?

Posted December 01, 2005 by Evan Tishuk

Looks like introverts have more brain activity. In similar news, Introverts rule! Just don't make us say it aloud.

If introverts ruled the corporate world, meetings would last a maximum of 30 minutes, presentations would be confined to a single slide, Wednesdays would be "Sit alone in your office and think day," the phone system would be disconnected, and in-boxes would be overflowing.

Sounds good to me.


Adam ~ December 15, 2005

I dream of being able to start the business described in that blockquote. Someday. Oh yes, someday.

James Simons ~ December 01, 2005

Sounds god awful to me...but then again I am not exactly an introvert. Well, at least at weddings

sam ~ January 08, 2009

and thursdays would be decorate your office day

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