ARG on an XO

Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

This lovely picture of me was the first picture taken on Phil's XO laptop.


olivier Blanchard ~ 14 years ago

This is what the German secret police sees too, BTW.

olivier Blanchard ~ 14 years ago

Did you get a chance to play with it?

Bear ~ 14 years ago

Phil's put a bunch more time in to testing than I have and he likes it a bunch. I'd suggest everyone attend this week's GSATC. He will do doubt discuss his thoughts.

My thoughts, slow and real small keyboard, but for the price, pretty impressive. I was talking with some folks about it last night and there was some belief you could use this up and through high school. That's not true as a my first computer, I think it works well. Picks up wi-fi with little or no work. And it clearly took a great picture of me.

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