ARG's Gadget Question #1

Posted October 02, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

My new number one question when purchasing a gadget that runs on battery power.

Can I remove and replace the battery myself?

If no, it ain't being purchased


olivier blanchard ~ October 02, 2007

Windup watches are fun.

Jim Ciallella ~ October 03, 2007

Is the battery rechargeable? And, then is it replaceable in the event of failure. I hate paying for batteries either way.

At least if it's rechargeable and replaceable you can go on eBay and get a replacement for like 10% of the normal cost. Though, I've had mixed luck with eBay replacements for a Canon. The first one I bought would power the camera, but turn off when the flash was attempted. Who knows, must have been a dud because I got another one for like $5 and it worked.

Evan Tishuk ~ October 03, 2007

I know we live in a rapidly changing world of technology. I know gadgets are obsolete before they even hit the market... But I just want my pocket-sized thing-a-ma-jig to be made out of materials that don't crack or scratch. I want a brushed nickel iPod with replaceable bulletproof glass instead of plastic. I don't want to have to treat my cell phone like it's a Fabergé egg. A screw-off back panel with replaceable battery is cool too.

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