Posted 15 years ago by Evan Tishuk


What if we web design people got really dorky and started embedding ASCII art into source code. Maybe not full-scale processed photos, but little signatures or doo-dads. I find myself looking "under the hood" of a lot of websites and I don't think I've ever seen any decent ASCII art. I'm going to start doing this.

I guess the easy way would be with an HTML comment, but it would be soo l337 to do it with real code.


frigg ~ 15 years ago

Hello. Web-legends jodi dot org often embedded ascii work in their early hyper-text markup language.

The wayback machine tacks us back to the heady days of November 1986. View source and enjoy.

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

HA!! Thanks for the link. I haven't seen the blink tag in years. You sure it wasn't 1996? Is 10 years long enough for ASCII-source to be retro?

frigg ~ 15 years ago

My bad...yeah, it was '96, of course. And heck yeah...blink /blink r00lz!

Dude, it's internet time...10 DAYS is old enough to be retro.

Cheers. Nice site.

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