Bacon Wrapped Cornwurst: An Experiment in Bacon, Brats, Beer, and Grease

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The High Life
This is the story of wrapping bratwursts in bacon, dipping them in corndog batter, and deep frying the entire wonderful mess. This is the story of a dream fulfilled.

A brief history

Six or so years ago at a Clemson tailgate I introduced the group to my idea of replacing the hotdog in a corndog with bratwurst. Mike New, your friend and mine, quickly moved this idea from good to genius by suggesting wrapping the entire thing in bacon before the deep fry. To this day I'm not sure if Mike New was making fun of my love of unhealthy foods or if he legitimately thought it was a good idea. Truthfully, it doesn't matter to me. I always take the idea of wrapping food in bacon seriously.1

This idea sat in my brain for six years. I mentioned it to friends. They laughed. I used it as a pickup line. I remained single. Finally, after six years of thinking and dreaming it was go time.

The ingredients:

  • Bratwurst- I used three different types: Regular, Cheddar, and BBQ Chicken
  • Corndog batter
  • Bacon
  • Beer
  • Jalapenos
  • Pickles (for a deep fried side dish)
  • Potatoes (for another deep fried side dish)
  • A bunch of once used peanut oil

Step one: Fry some potatoes

This helps put the friends involved at ease. It's like getting into a cold pool a toe at time. Everyone has eaten fried potatoes of some sort before. This helps condition folks to the extremes of deep frying that are coming soon.

If you are more of a jump into the deep end type of guy feel free to skip this step.

Step Two: Make the batter

I used this recipe. There are hundreds of similar recipes out there, go with one you feel will work. My batter was uber thick and I would have probably thinned it out a bit if it wasn't for the lone vegetarian of the group continually suggesting to thin out the batter. Basically, I kept the batter thick out of spite. The batter worked fine.

Step Three: Parboil the brats in beer

The cheddarwurst were pre-cooked and didn't need this step. The other two wurst needed as much cooking as possible before the deep fry so I boiled the brats in beer (picture of the boil). The beer used for boiling was Miller Lite. The good beers were saved for dinner.

Step Four: Impale the brats, wrap with bacon, and bake on high

The bacon wrapping steps
As the brats need a little pre-cooking so does the bacon. This will take longer than you could possibly imagine. You are almost at the deep frying step and all you want to do is take your bacon wrapped brats out of the oven and deep fry the bastards. Patience, walk away, drink beer, talk about none bacon wrapped topics. The longer you wait the better.(2)

Step Five: Dip in batter and deep fry

The steps of the fry
How long do you deep fry? Until they are done. Not a minute longer

The Verdict

Cornwurst and pickles
Overload. A bacon wrapped cornwurst is a lot of food and almost too much for the mind, tongue, and stomach to fully grasp. They were tasty, but not wonderful. (3)

This is the lukewarm type review that ruins even the greatest of experiments. When experimenting, it's certainly better to fail or succeed in fantastic format. We did neither. If I were to do this again I'd use a sweeter batter recipe to fight the salt of the bacon and I'd cook the bacon in the oven longer. I'd also make the cornwurst bite size so it's not such a daunting task to eat one.


  1. I'm pretty sure Mike New was serious in his suggestion. I just really wanted to write the line "I always take the idea of wrapping food in bacon seriously." (Back)
    1. It took all my will not make that line "I'm serious as a heart attack when it comes to wrapping foods in bacon."
      1. I didn't use that line because I felt it cheapened my true love of wrapping foods in bacon. Seriously.
  2. But don't wait too long and burn the bacon.(Back)
  3. Nathanial Lord ate one and one-half bacon wrapped cornwurst. It is a record that remains to this day.(Back)
    1. Of this posting, Nathanial Lord is still alive and well.

PS's, notes, FAQ's and various other sundries

  • The jalapenos were not mentioned in the recipe. They were dropped in the batter after half the wurst were dipped. It was good.
  • The deep fried pickles were a hit. A lighter fare for sure.
    • Yes, I said pickles battered in corndog batter and deep fried was lighter fare
      • There's a deep debate between fried pickle fans. Some like pickles in chip form and others pickles in spear form. I side with the spear folks.
  • Yesterday, my sister Katy chided me for not eating well. I imagine this blog post will not make her happy.
  • Here are some more pictures

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Unfinished business


Lord ~ 8 years ago

While I survived the ordeal of one and a half bacon wrapped cornwurst my stomach let me know that it greatly disapproved of the decision. I agree that they represented only mediocre success in the end, possibly because they came to close to unraveling the very fabric of space and time.

Fried pickle spears by the way, way better than the little chips.

Nobrainer ~ 8 years ago

I have some suggestions for improvements:

1 - After boiling the brats, brown them up a bit either in a skillet, on the grill, or perhaps under the broiler.
2 - Pre-cook the bacon before wrapping it around the brats. Cook it enough that it's done but still flexible, and maybe even a little crisp. And I'm thinking something like a panini press for cooking the bacon the rest of the way, if necessary, rather than the oven.

Or, perhaps you can make your own wurst with the bacon included.

Carp ~ 8 years ago

I almost wept tears of joy when I heard that this experiment was coming to fruition. Now I weap tears of sorrow for not bringing the family and being a part of this momentous occasion.

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. May the pork be with you.

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

@nobrainer Phil gave the same browning technique suggestion on Facebook. It seems like a good suggestion. That way I could also bring another fat into the cooking process as well. Browned in butter before wrapped in bacon.

For the pre-cooking of the bacon, I thought about that but didn't go with it as I really wanted the brats to marinate in the bacon during the cooking the process.

@Carp it really would have been fun for the whole family.

moni ~ 8 years ago

oh, the love for bacon. this sounds actually pretty good if one follows your suggestion for a 'bite size' cut for deep frying. Oso, eres maravilloso! long live bacon!

Nate Ouellette ~ 8 years ago

A good day for men everywhere

Fatass ~ 8 years ago

You guys are true pioneers. Some would say heros. I would be among the group calling you that.

I trust you've seen the website they will totally post this marvelous idea.

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

@Moni - you are turning into a fine carnivore. Proud of you.

@Nate - A nice shot of bacon vodka would have been a good end to this meal. Also, American Grocery in Greenvillle ( has a bacon infused bourbon that I must try.

@Fatass - One can only hope we get on

Meg ~ 8 years ago

Frying food that comes out with 2 inches of breading all around and looking extraordinarily unattractive due to overly thick batter is ridiculous. Drop the spite and thin the batter next time. You won't be sorry, and an additional plus, it'll be easier to eat off a stick.

@Moni - You're killing me darling, truly killing me.

Fuzzy ~ 8 years ago

OMG! This might be the greatest thing ever! If I were to eat too many of these I would likely get as big around as I am tall.

tyler durden ~ 6 years ago

reason #139 you are so damn fly. smdh. praps #bratonova2012?

EMT ~ 5 years ago

I think I'm going to try with a few changes. I'm going to wrap the raw brats with bacon and then grill, or smoke them. Then dip in a thinner batter and fry.

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