Bald Guy Greetings

Posted August 29, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

I just found OrangeCoat's Christmas card for this year. Happy Birthday Jesus - This is actually a birthday card for a Hispanic kid named Jesus. But I think it works for Christmas too. (Site found via BSO)


Bobby ~ August 29, 2006

Where do you find this stuff?

Evan Tishuk ~ August 29, 2006

I believe the preferred nomanclature is "Latino"

Susan ~ August 29, 2006

"Nobody f*cks with the Jesus!"

Adam Gautsch ~ August 30, 2006

Eight year olds dude.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 30, 2006

Oh yeah,

RE: Where do you find this stuff?

I gave a link to where I found this exact piece of stuff in the post. Go and read the BSO and you will be on your way to finding this stuff too.

Ian ~ September 01, 2006

These cards are hysterical. Thank you so much for brining them to the attention of the general public. Do they have more cards coming out soon? let me know. So damn funny. Quite possibly the best cards I have ever seen.....wait, they are definitely the best cards I have ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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