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Posted May 08, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

WHAT IF I CHANGE? (Editor's Note: 'What if I change' is an inside joke that goes back at least seven years. If you've never heard that story and have known either Evan or myself for any amount of time, consider yourself lucky. On another note, I need new material)


Bobby ~ May 09, 2006

You don't mess with the classics. It's one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. Of course it doesn't compare to Bear's infamous..."NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!" or Al the Bum Killer, but still...I wasn't even there for "What if I change?" but I pass it along as if I were there.

ihatetrucks ~ May 09, 2006

What does it say about us that one of our favorite college moments was the verbal berating of the unpopular fat kid? But one can not also forget a certain ultra redneck roomate threatening to kill one unpopular fat kid.

If you forget about history we are destine to repeat it. I really am going to work hard to forget because I would love to see and hear it again.

Bobby ~ May 09, 2006

What the threatening and beating of an Asian kid??? If I recall correctly, the Asian kid was not fond of trucks.

Adam Gautsch ~ May 09, 2006

Bobby I think you are mixing stories there. Plus the 'Asian kid' was as Asian as you are Italian.

Evan Tishuk ~ May 09, 2006

I'm just impressed you're all using the preferred nomanclature of "Asian." Mixing stories or not, we don't speak about the episode in which "ihatetrucks" was born. Everyone's still a little sensitive about the whole situation.

Evan Tishuk ~ May 09, 2006

Also, "ihatetrucks," I can hardly believe you actually mustered the gumption to type "What does it say about us that one of our favorite college moments was the verbal berating of the unpopular fat kid." It's like I don't even know you anymore.

ihatetrucks ~ May 09, 2006

I know, I am sorry, but remember there were other big fat losers on our floor, by this I mean DJ of course. Talk about a big fat loser at least Chubrock didn't smell like someone had smeared a dozen ground up greasy mexican construction workers over every inch of their body. Plus, DJ brought streetwalkers to our floor. Skank.

I would argue that Trent pounding on Chubrocks door was funnier then Wes yelling at him.

Bobby ~ May 09, 2006

I wasn't mixing stories, trust me. I've heard them both so many times, there's no way I could confuse them. I was just bringing up the point to Slush.

And the E on the end of my last name means I am Italian. Don't you watch The Sopranos? Just cause I don't roll with the mob, doesn't mean I'm not Italian. Plus you've seen Joe Croce in action, just ask the Barber downtown how Croce's operate. Evan knows what I'm talking about.

Bobby ~ May 09, 2006

...dead skunks in the back of toilets...

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