Big Buckin Chicken

Posted 12 years ago by Adam Gautsch

"When the Big Buckin' Chicken commercial comes on, I wish it would last for 15 minutes. That's how good it is." -- Wes Tucker

That testimonial alone has had me searching for this ad for the last two days. It's finally up on YouTube, a thank you.


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Lil Eric ~ 11 years ago

HALIAROUS thats all i got to say

Stephanie ~ 11 years ago

My boyfriend and I loved this commercial so much that I sang it very loud and sent to his phone and he uses it for a ringtone. Thanks for the commercial. Oh yeah, I can't sing at all but I sure sing this one loud.

spicey chitterling ~ 11 years ago

For the record, the site does exist, people are just mis-hearing it! It's -- Huckin Chicken... The more you visit the site, the bigger the stunts he'll do.

Daniel Kirk ~ 11 years ago

This has got to be the single most annoying commercial ever inflicted on television viewers. Not to mention, I KNOW I'm not the only one who hears it as "Big... fuhhhhuhhhh-ckinnnn' chickin..."


Keep up the good work.

Thad ~ 11 years ago

I think this commercial should be banned from television. If a small child is sitting around the tv and hears it they may hear it as a big (Curse Word) chicken... I don't have children but when my neices and nephews are over they will not hear it,because it's not allowed to play in my house...It should be banned before our children start repeating it as something else...

adoc ~ 11 years ago

I have been singing this commercial for 2 days now. My fiance is ready to leave me.

masterchief ~ 11 years ago

At first I thought the comercial said big fuckin chicken but later on discovered it didn't say that.

Smoodge ~ 11 years ago

OMG, the innocent little CHILDREN will be going around singing BIG FUCKIN' CHICKEN! Can you imagine our snow white pure little KIDS laughing at something DIRTY?? OH GOD I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!

Adam Gautsch ~ 12 years ago

I hate Wes Tucker. I hate him for several reasons but not the least of which is I'm now walking around the streets of Greenville singing the Big Bucking Chicken song and I can't stop.

Daveahoe ~ 12 years ago

That is the most annoying fuckin commercial in the world!!!!

Chango ~ 12 years ago

WOoHOO ive been looking for this forever! This is great! Now to turn it into the greatest avatar of all time

Night Rampage ~ 12 years ago

AWSOME I love the big bucking chicken. I'm hungry and have the song in my head now. Think I'm going to go eat one.

Anita ~ 12 years ago

does the big buckin chicken have a email for his fans.

Tdoman ~ 12 years ago

w00t the best ( n0t n00bish) frickin comm. ever!

olivier ~ 12 years ago

Brokeback chicken? LOL.

Deez ~ 12 years ago

I laugh everytime I see it

Tabloid Baby ~ 12 years ago

Thanks for the link!

We don't think the commercial is a gay propaganda.

We don't like the fact that "Big Buckin' Chicken" is a playon "Big FUCKIN Chicken." As in "Whata big FUCKIN Chicken."

The kids repeat it.

As for any brokeback connections-- theyjustdo that naturally-- like a like guys "barebacking" a man dressed as a "chicken" (look up the street meanings of those words) - -- you got to EAT IT to BEATIT. C'mon! You're the Orange Yeti. You know better.

Find out who's making the commercials and you figure whether they're sending messages or not.

These are people selling poison, as bad for our kids as cigarettes. Only they ge taddicted younger.

And that's a big buckin shame.

And check out, the first to publicize this ad, for more exclusives!

Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

Freud would have loved you.

Don Rodgers ~ 12 years ago

I think it's the most dumb-assed commercial in years....You guys need to broaden your horizons....Low-browed and unimaginative.

Dirk ~ 12 years ago

My 15 month old daughter's eyes light up when the commercial comes on. She runs around saying "bock" stays stuck in my head.

rachel ~ 12 years ago

Okay... This has been an on going joke with me and my boyfriend... So I want to see if I can possibly post the video as a comment on his myspace. If some one could clue me in that would be awesome.

Tabloid Baby ~ 12 years ago

Speaking of Big Buckin Chickens, please visit our tribute to new CBS anchor Katie Couric

DB ~ 12 years ago

I'm the guy singing the "Big Buckin'Chicken" commercial,and I love all comments good or bad about the spot. It was so fun to do!! Keep a look out for my next spot... It'll be even more buckin' than ever. I'd like to hear your comments, e-mail me dbreak2000[at]yahoo[dot]com. I also have mp3's of the song and different versions. Thanks

Adam Gautsch ~ 12 years ago


Go to YouTube and search for Big Buckin Chicken. You'll find the video there.

There is code that will allow you embed video like the one above at the bottom of the page. If it works in MySpace comments- I have no idea.

MONTANA ~ 12 years ago

I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL. SUPER SUPER FUNNY. i would love to have this on myspace, if its possible. cheers

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