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Stuff I Write That Nobody Ever Sees, Except Nerds Using Google by Jimmy C ~ June 21, 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Years ago I wrote a series of in-depth "secret sauce" posts. Since then, I've written a number of niche how-to posts. However, I saved our followers from seeing these obscure posts in RSS and Twitter feeds. more

Credit Card Processing Discussion at REST Fest 2011 by Jimmy C ~ August 16, 2012 ~ 0 Comments

An 11 min video talking about credit card processing from a web developer's point of view. Also, lots of notes and links from the research process. Recorded at REST Fest 2011 more

Rick and the Responsive Rear-ends by Jimmy C ~ April 13, 2012 ~ 0 Comments

To start, this blog title isn't the name of Rick's wedding singer band which, by the way, will travel virtually anywhere and perform at your wedding for free. Rather, I started forwarding 2 links to the OC crew with 1 thought. It became an ode, sans poetry, to Rick Harris on his last day at OrangeCoat. It also turned into a brain dump of the next iteration of the web, and beyond. I had to cut the "beyond" portions out for my sanity and yours. more

E-waste Ban in South Carolina by Jimmy C ~ July 13, 2011 ~ 0 Comments

E-waste is technically banned from landfills in SC as of July 1st. Greenville County locations will now take the majority of your e-waste. more

Why bother with SSL certificates? by Jimmy C ~ July 12, 2010 ~ 1 comment

There's a common misconception that SSL certificates are not needed if a website has no "sensitive" data worth protecting. At OC, we contend that every login or registration form should be SSL encrypted, no matter if there's 1 user account or 10,000. Sites with only internal users can get by at zero cost. A real SSL cert can cost as little as $20-30 a year. Example of Extended Validation SSL Certificate more

"Coming Soon", the new "Under Construction" by Jimmy C ~ December 15, 2009 ~ 4 comments

Remember back in 1993 when it was cool to put animated "Under Construction" .gif graphics on an unfinished section of your website. Of course, and on rare occasion we land on one of these pages, only to find that 15 years later it is still being hammered out by little guys in hardhats. more

Project Amazonas, a River of Opportunity by Jimmy C ~ April 15, 2009 ~ 1 comment

OrangeCoat stepped up to the plate for the first Aid Joy project, Project Amazonas, and we got a bunch of new experiences and knowledge to show for it. Personally, I'm feeling the karma and liking the new technical know-how that came from this challenging pro-bono work. more

More than Just Good Looks, Valid Too by Jimmy C ~ April 10, 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Underneath the good looks, OC client websites come with valid code. Here's a before and after for the recently launched Adec Group site. more

Do the needful by Jimmy C ~ December 11, 2008 ~ 4 comments

Favorite Sandwich in Greenville by Jimmy C ~ September 24, 2008 ~ 16 comments

A discussion of favorite sandwiches in Greenville, starting with the Hot Ham and Brie at Coffee Underground on Coffee Street. more

APIs and Mashups, Mainstream Buzzwords of the Near Future by Jimmy C ~ August 13, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

A recent Lullabot podcast explained the use of web APIs to build mashups. Here's a general overview of the topic and the podcast. more

The right Webmaster Tools for the job by Jimmy C ~ July 12, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Example of the Google Webmaster Tools

Let's talk tools of the web trade. Namely, Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo's Site Explorer, and Microsoft's Live Search Webmaster Tools. more

The secret OrangeCoat sauce will be revealed by Jimmy C ~ June 19, 2008 ~ 2 comments

There are no two ways about it, OrangeCoat does custom work. Every project we do calls for different design and functionality. However, there are tasks we do for most, if not all, web projects. more

Doug Jones Everybody, Doug Jones by Jimmy C ~ March 08, 2008 ~ 2 comments

Run-in with a local music stud more

For Real...Player? by Jimmy C ~ December 11, 2007 ~ 5 comments

Google Maps and other Blackberry Apps by Jimmy C ~ December 03, 2007 ~ 4 comments

A review of the Google Maps for Blackberry and a list of some other useful BB apps. more

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