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Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or just eat a cookie. Robot makes cookies.

If you have ever questioned using one or two, or even three spaces after a period to separate sentences, Slate Magazine's "Space Invaders" is a must read. If you firmly believe in using more than one space after a period, it is a painful but necessary read. Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

Caption Etiquette

After reading Grammar Girl's latest e-newsletter, "Why Photo Captions May Deserve a Grammatical Pass" I decided to define, what I thought were important, online photo caption rules. Not just as an online copywriter or an email campaign strategist, but as an absolute grammar nut, I feel this is the best set of guidelines when adding captions to your photos online: more

CNN covers the "World's 'oldest beer' found in shipwreck" more

"Robot + Beer = Awesome" Or the Doom of the Planet?

I love Paste Magazine for many, many reasons. Here, they have honored the creators of a robot built to fetch beer. Not the most novel idea, but the fact it works is pretty freaking sweet. But really, a robot serving alcohol? Sounds like robot invasion tactics to me, especially after finding it's counter-part Beer2-D2. more

Zombies, Giant Squids, and Aliens, Oh Yeah! A Summer Reading List to Cringe, In a Good Way, Over

Do you think you're developing/honing a taste (or maybe a hunger?) for the non-human focused literature? Lucky, and not so luck for you, there's a lot of it out there. The literate minded, over your head jokers, and soft speakers that are NPR, have compiled a list of oozy, gritty, down right dirty summer un-dead, mutant and extra-terrestrial readings to assist in the forging. Shoo, even if you're non-fiction devoted, it's worth it just to read the NPR write-up. more

Moog Booze

The Asheville Brewing Company and Bob Moog Foundation have conjured a Moog Filtered Ale to be sold exclusively at Bruisin' Ales (in Asheville) from May 27th till July 31st... and then no mo'. more

Optimized Kitchen: Using Cooking to Explain SEO

Randfish at tells a really great tale of the connection of cooking and SEO with some delicious photos in his article, "Cooking Up Great SEO: An Analogy in Photos." The way he uses creating a mouth watering goat and pasta dish to exemplify the intricacies of creating great SEO, is really quite fabulous. He backs up his analogy with the following connections: more

2010 Music Warning

The title sounds a little more epic than the post really is. Here are just a few bands that are already rocking the 0'ten. more

Food Blogs: The Pretty, the Witty, and the Wise. A Massive Post.

I've come up with a conclusion. A good food blog requires two things; pretty pictures and creative titles. However, a great food blog has the afore mentioned qualities and, perhaps the most fundamentally important attribute, detailed instructions. more

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