BLT: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Posted June 29, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

well at least this week compete in Wii bowling.

Madeleine won in bowling. We are all now convinced the Wii is sexist. I still give her all the praise in the world as this is the second time she has kicked my butt in Wii bowling. Because of this huge win Madeleine got to take home the BLT trophy. She can enjoy this trophy for a week but is charged with returning the trophy next week to defend her title as BLT Champion.

Next weeks challenge? Who knows.

The question was also raised during BLT time, 'what was the first CD you ever owned'

  • Michael- Pearl Jam's Ten
  • Evan- Remembered much later on in the day- Soul Asylum's Run Away Train
  • Jimmy C- GNR's Use Your Illusion I
  • Madeleine- Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill
  • Me- Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic.

Anyone else interested in attending BLT, send me an email. All you need is a bag lunch and a dream.


Jim Ciallella ~ June 29, 2007

It should also be noted we changed the name from brown bag Thursday (BBT) for a number of reasons. Including, but not limited to:

1) Some outsider (no names mentioned, Parker) assumed our brown bags held 22oz cans.

2) Per Bear, the acronym BBT was only acceptable if BB&T would sponsor the event.

3) None of us actually use brown bags anyway. I personally use the reusable Bi-Lo cooler bag and/or a Tupperware container. Saves the planet and makes you feel good inside.

4) BLT just works better.

Nuff said.

Jim Ciallella ~ June 29, 2007

We can also use our white board to play the game LOSER, which I heard the DJs play this morning on B93.7.

It works like the game HORSE in basketball. We ask a question like. "Is your CD collection alphabetized?". If so, you'd get an 'L'. The first person(s) to spell out LOSER on the board get the accompanying trophy.

And yes, I listen to B93.7, so I suppose I'm starting out with an 'L' already.

Adam Gautsch ~ June 29, 2007

I also forgot to mention Jim won the award for best sandwich for BLT.

Michael ~ July 02, 2007

For the record, Michael did remember what his first cd was: Pearl Jam - Ten.

Adam Gautsch ~ July 02, 2007

Record is correct. It seems it was just me who couldn't remember what Michael's first CD was.

Sean ~ July 03, 2007

Apparently my parents thought a CD player was just the thing an 8-year-old needed. I got one and a load of CDs for Christmas that year. So my album collection was kicked off with some great early 90s Top 40 including...

Roxette - Joyride and
Simply Red - Stars

but culminating with...

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Sean ~ July 03, 2007

Don't get too excited about MJ though, because little did I know that only months later would I hold in my hands one of the greatest albums of all time...

Kris Kross - Totally Krossed Out

Paivi ~ September 10, 2007

We had just moved back to "The States" from Finland. I was totally out of the loop at school and thought that if I knew the words to a popular song (like the rest of my 6th grade class) I'd fit in better. That is when I bought my first CD. Vanilla Ice "To the Extreme" and 2 days later I knew all the words to Ice Ice Baby. I was so IN!

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