Posted February 24, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

I think BMW understands marketing in the internet age more than most.

Several years ago they hired a bunch big name directors to shoot short, 5 to 10 minute movies that featured BMW cars as the star. From a buzz standpoint it worked. I have no idea of the actual stats of the campaign but I do know that I visited the site several times and watched all the movies at least once. I remember friends emailing me links and talking about it in general conversation. The films were cool, they showed off the cars in a cool way, and they got people talking about and wanting to drive BMW's. It was a win.

This most recent buzz campaign they have launched is even more interesting to me. BMW commissioned graphic artist Joshua Davis to do his thing. Davis's thing is different and innovative and very cool on many different levels. He is an artist that codes and half the joy of his art is understanding how he creates each piece. Watch the making of video to at least get a little bit of an idea of what he does.

In watching the making of video you also see at least one of the reasons BMW decided hire Davis. BMW very much considers how they create a car in line with how Davis creates his art. The video allows BMW to show off the Z4's design and some of thought behind that design without it being boring or preachy. All in all, it works great. The art Davis creates is interesting and unique (literally each piece of art is different) and it shows off the thought behind BMW's designs more than a glossy photograph ever could.

The question if traditional advertising is dying gets brought up all the time. I hope so if it brings us more BMW Films and Joshua Davis works.

FYI: The Z4 is built in the Upstate of South Carolina

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