Bring Down IE6

Posted 8 years ago by Evan Tishuk

23% of the visitors to this site are still using IE6. No offense to those people but:

it’s finally time to take IE6 behind the shed and shoot it.

And I'd pay good money to be the trigger man. Using IE6 is like watching black and white television. There's a whole new dimension of experience that you're missing. It's really not that hard to download and install a new browser is it? Unlike a 52" LCD flat screen HDTV, a new browser is actually free.


dave ~ 8 years ago


People, really. Why?

Billy Girlardo ~ 8 years ago

Opera or Safari for browsing, FF for development, check IE when (you think) you're done

Elliot Ross ~ 8 years ago

I do prefer FF, and have been playing with Chrome - but IE is still 6 as some third party apps we need to access still don't support anything higher - go figure ....

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