Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Michael and Carrie Allen Kissing

The big day is almost here. The entirety of OC wishes Michael and Carrie nothing but love and happiness.

Anyone with a bit of advice for the soon to be newlyweds (keep it clean kids) comment away. God knows any marriage advice from the rest of OC would be worth a hill of beans.

PS: I didn't have the heart to use one of the more embarrassing pictures from their Link shoot.

PPS: I avoided being that dorky by not mentioning that our Design Jedi getting married is really against the rules of the Jedi... until just now.


olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Sweet jesus. Another one bites the dust.

He may have to surrender his lightsaber.

James Simons ~ 10 years ago

He'll have to. Even though you get to use your light saber a lot in the first year, I hear they only lt you use it once a month of every couple of weeks at most....If the wife is feeling up to it.

It does make you wonder, what is the point of being married if you can't use your light saber constantly...Maybe some of the married guys could comment on those unsubstantiated rumors.

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