Charter Communications is evil

Posted 10 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Why does Charter suck so hard and get away with it? Why do they, and other big companies like them, continually make billing "errors" that almost always favor them? Shouldn't billing errors tend to be neutrally positive and negative? Anyway, I've never really liked Charter, however, like many, I have little choice in the matter. I take some solace in the fact that I am using their network to publish a short negative message about their pricing, billing, and customer services. Take that!

I don't enjoy reading long accounts of what happened to some disgruntled customer (unless it's particularly horrendous), so I'll spare the entire story. Here are the highlights:

  • Advertisement publishes one price
  • Actual price is about 35% more once you really look
  • Charter "must" send an installation technician to house, even though the previous occupant had the same Charter service. Red flag?
  • Of course, said technician requires an $80 on-site payment to turn it on (funny how they can turn it off remotely though)
  • First bill arrives with an extra $80 for the installation. Several long phone calls eventually clear this up
  • Just so you know, I don't want Cable-TV. Don't want it. To not have cable is an EXTRA $10 per month. Clever. Like charging extra to people who don't want onions on their sandwich. What they don't realize is that $10 buys me more free time to write blog posts about how much their company sucks. I'd say they're getting quite a deal there. $10 to do nothing. Hell, if anyone out there on these webbernets wants to pay me $10 a month for me to do nothing, I'm certainly available. So, in a way, I really respect and envy Charter's boldness here.
  • Respect aside, another phone call is placed to Charter to ask about this bold policy. They respond that they can cut the level of internet service from 10MB to 5MB, and bundle in Cable-TV for the same price as my current 10MB subscription! Think about that. Cut what I want in half. Add something I don't want. Same price. Huh? I guess if I'm dumb enough to pay Charter to do nothing, I'm dumb enough to pay them the same price for half of what I'm getting now. Charter truly is an evil genius.

The story will continue as I plan on exploring these caverns and dungeons until I find the demon behind this.

I am currently paying $72 per month--give or take depending on what miscellaneous nickel and dime charges get arbitrarily added to the bill. The other options, whether 3MB or 5MB or 10MB or Cable-TV or no Cable-TV are within $10 of each other. So what Charter should say is simple, "We want you to pay us at least $62 per month no matter what." Why not just say that? I guess when you have a forked tongue, you can't help but beat around the bush and disguise your meanings. Don't even get me started on how they treat business customers.

PS: Charter gets exceptionally low marks from the vast majority of customers on Rate-it-all opinion network.

PPS: I realize that individuals within Charter are not evil. Most are probably super wonderful people with families and dogs and rose gardens. My apologies to those hard working people.

UPDATE: It's been two years since I posted this, and finally, some competition is coming to Greenville. Alison Hall, vice president and general manager for AT&T in the Carolinas said in the article:

“Cable has been the only game in town for too long, and we're excited to change that today in Greenville,”



Jeff ~ 10 years ago

I recently got screwed by Charter as well. This is my first time as a Charter customer, and will definitely be the last!

I signed up for the $19.99/month 3Mbps for 6 months. My first bill was for 2 months' service. That's fine. I just received the second bill (for month 3), and it's the standard $53.99. That's REDICULOUS, even for 3Mbps! Whatever happened to $39.99?!

Regardless of the amount, I have not yet even had 3months of service, and they're billing me above the regular rate.

Furthermore, they will not provide any support over the phone, you must go to their local store for billing issues. Unfortunately, it does not state anywhere on the promotion receipt or email how long you will receive the offer. Of course I didn't think to even look for that documentation at the time of signing at installation. Looking at all my paperwork now, it has no statement that your promotion rate is good for a specified number of months!

ARGH ! I'm going to cancel their service asap! this is horrible service!

tikitime ~ 10 years ago

I work for charter , the employees are undertrained and understaffed !! and now phone? I dont know about you but I depend on my phone we have at least 4-7 system outages a week in our area....
Charter has been run into the ground by you know who P.A a spoiled rich kid who wants to be the biggest and the fastest at all cost cable is old school to much to go wrong dish the way to go dsl well its dependable and ill keep my phone thank you........

cable man with a dish

cabledontwork ~ 10 years ago

Who wants to buy a company full of debt?

Paul A needs to run back to Bill Gates and learn how to run a company...telephone is the last nail in thier coffin. FCC won't stand for there mistakes, try working for them you will learn more about corruption than you ever wanted to know

tikitime ~ 10 years ago

Now there being sued by over 8000 employees for overtime , more problems whats next? go charter go

Meg ~ 10 years ago

I just want to expand on the "you will pay us at least $62". This is my chat session with a "Charter Representative" today. As mentioned above, all services in any bundle are THE SAME PRICE. The promotions are crap. The lesson here is that Charter doesn't make or lose any money based on your cable package or internet speed. You can upgrade, you can downgrade, just pay up.

Bob: Thank you Margaret, I show you are under a promotion and are paying for a non cable charge of $10.00. Do you watch TV at home.
Margaret Staton: Well, I would like to avoid a $10 non-cable charge, but I don't really want to pay for cable, either, we don't watch TV.
Bob: Let me see what I can do, but your best pricing with 5.0 meg may be a bundle with cable.
Margaret Staton: Ok, I'd love to hear my options.
Bob: Thank you for waiting. Here are some of your options.
Bob: Downgrade to 5.0 meg your cost $62.95 plus tax. That is with the current no video charge.
Bob: Go with your current 10 meg and add basic cable and your cost would be $72.94. This is for 6 months.
Bob: Get the expanded basic promotion and 5.0 meg for 6 months and That cost is $72.94.
Bob: You could also downgrade to 5 add basic cable and it would be $70.90. No promotion.
Bob: You currently pay $72.95

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

I love that his name is Bob.

Jim ~ 10 years ago

My parents have ongoing battles with Charter...and honestly, Time Warner here in Cola. isn't much better.

Jim Ciallella ~ 10 years ago

Same game with Bellsouth / AT&T. You must have telephone to have DSL. I don't need a local phone anymore, but still pay $15 a month plus about $10 in taxes, or $25/month for something I don't need.

Call Bellsouth and they will upgrade your package to a $30 a month which gives you extra features on the phone line you don't need. Then they can give you $5 off. So, now I'm still paying $25 for phone, plus two additional features I don't need. Then, they switch me around a couple of times and all of a sudden I'm not getting the $5 off. So, now I'm paying +$30/month on top of the DSL price.

At least Charter is only $10 a month if you don't want the TV. Though, their real "non-promo" prices are about $15-$20 more than DSL.

So, in a nutshell. Internet service is about $20-30 more a month than advertised, regardless of who you are using.

On a good note, I had a talk today with Josh about wireless campuses he's setting up at The Cliffs. The equipment for this is getting cheap enough to recover initial investment fairly quickly. Perhaps it's just a matter of time before we are paying neighborhood associations for shared Internet.

Susan ~ 10 years ago

I've had service from Cox, Charter, and now Comcast. There must be some secret industry contest to see who can charge the most for providing the least. It's a close race. I do appreciate Comcast's customer service though - they don't always solve my problem, but at least they're nice about it.

olivier ~ 10 years ago

They've been pulling this crap with us for 8 long tedious months. Ever since we signed up for their phone/internet/TV bundle, they started screwing up our billing.

The snafu started with a free installation and free phone service for the first 3 months that was (of course) never properly credited to our account. Thus began our monthly 90-minute-long phone dance with customer service operators.

In spite of our religiously paying our Charter bill every month, our TV cable service would be abruptly cut off anyway. That very evening, our exhaustive phone session with no less than 5 operators resulted in our account issues being allegedly settled, a heartfelt promise that the problem would not happen again.

Only it did.

For 8 months in a row.

Some guy, somewhere in the Philippines: "In order to reactivate your account, I'll need you to pay $73.93 cents today."

Me, in G-Vegas: "Um... no. You're still trying to bill me for a free installation and a three months of free usage."

90-120 minutes later, the problem was fixed, complete with apologies, etc., but 28 days later, it would miraculously rise from its ashes once more to turn one of my evenings into an exercise in advanced level anger management.

Which is why Charter can now come and get their stupid phone box thing out of our garage, because we're done with their crap.

Perhaps they expected me to give up and finally pay for the free installation and 90 free days of phone service they used to lure us in to their bundle package.

Tough chance. We've given our greenbacks to Verizon Wireless instead: Casa de Blanchard is now hard-line telephone-free. Domestic calls are handled via cell phone, while international calls, video conferences and faxes are handled via internet.

Thanks for killing your own VOI business before it ever got off the ground, Charter. Brilliant.

I have half a mind to bill them for the time I wasted talking to them. (About $1,200, by my latest estimates.)

Charter does indeed suck.

C-Spin ~ 10 years ago

I have gone to war with every cable provider south of Kentucky, and now I may have found a home where there is real competition in the industry.

In Chicago, RCN and Comcast are in direct competition, and have comprable infrastructures throughout the city. I went with RCN because, well, lets just say comcast and I are still disputing a couple things. RCN has actually done a pretty good job. Granted, 6-7 channels don't work very well, but at least they fix things when they break.

Adam Gautsch ~ 10 years ago

FWIW, I just got off the phone with Patrica from Charter Business. Nice as can be and helpful too.

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

I will give them that. When they know it's a business customer, they are very pleasant. But the principle of the matter still bothers me. They're pleasant because they are charging us twice as much for the same residential service.

jimmy ~ 10 years ago

two words: Verizon Fios

B.H. ~ 9 years ago

charter is the SPAWN OF PURE EVIL, im not even the complaining type, but im only 2 1/2 months into my service and ive had to have 4 service calls (which none of the "techs" have been able to figure out how to make my "wireless service work" i have no wireless......

im subsequently billed, for not just wireless service, but for wireless hardware. The kicker is that even if my wireless did work WHICH IT DOES NOT, there is not supposed to be a extra charge for it anyway

on top of it i was billed for the service call when they were unable to fix the problem

ive been charged a mysterious 5 dollar "end user common primary line charge", which at my old house (3 months ago, same charter service) was 19 cents.

after much woe (ive spent 20 plus hours between phone calls and waiting for installers) I thought i had the account straightend out and made my payment.

Now im getting disconnection notices and after calling in to discuss it have been told that i have to drive a copy of my cancelled check which i now have to get from the bank to a "charter center" or fax a copy with a request



angie ~ 8 years ago

I am actually right in the middle of chatting with a "billing rep" on-line. I have been screwed by Charter since April of 2009. Just moved to a charter neighborhood in November. I will summarize it down quite a bit... April, May, June, and now July... each month called to have bogus charges taken off my bill, each month paid the total bill in full after the "rep" fixed all the bogus charges and now I am sitting here with my July bill in hand... still cannot pay it because it says I owe... READY? $456.17. For the cable/phone/internet bundle. And now... they are telling me that the charges are valid? I have been hung up on... Now the chat lady will not stop asking me to call the billing number.. what good are they if they can't help? I am going to dedicate a little time each to trying to get justice here... I am very tired and angry about this and there is no other choices in my area besides a dish.

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

The best thing available now, is the $19.99 for 1 Mbps + $10 for not subscribing to their crap video services coming to $30 plus taxes and other nickel dime charges. Yes 1 Mbps sucks, but it is good enough for web surfing, email, xbox live and even good enough for my VOIP service through Vonage.

Yes I am using all of the above services with my 1 Mbps connection just fine.

AJ ~ 8 years ago

I just got there service a month ago and can not figure out what the hell is a "end user common Line Primary Tax" for $6.50? First bill and no credit for the cash paid up front that was supposed to be credited for bill. If they think they have a dummie here they are sadly mistaken. I have no problem cutting my losses and moving on!

Disgruntled ~ 8 years ago

HI looks like were are all in the same Charter boat! It has taken me a few months to get a consistent price on my statements. They even had the gall to charge me $35 for a service visit to fix their shoddy wiring when my internet went out. My phone calls get dropped constantly, and the only search you can do by title on cable tv is by using the first letter, meaning you have to scroll through hundreds of titles to find what you are looking for!

So to answer your question is simple, "Why does Charter suck so bad and get away with it?" It's a government granted monopoly which means less competition in the market (used to be NO competition, in some areas may still be) and no incentive to do well and provide good service.

Btw, End User Common Line is a charge which goes right into Charter's pocket (same with other phone companies)

VisitorJ ~ 7 years ago

I know these problems with charter all too well. They have dirty practices that IMO should be illegal. For instance they arranged with my former apartment complex to add the standard cannel service to every apartment unit at a cost to the renter of $30 a month, which they hide in the rent instead of a charter bill. Then when I called and set up a DVR box/modem it took 2 visits just to get the modem to work and I was charged $80 at the door for the first visit. Later they put another $80 on my bill for "activation".

A few months later I realized that not only was i being charged for the cable services I ordered but was also still being charged the $30 for basic service through my rent.

Here is the real kicker though. Once I moved out of the apartment I paid off my final bill and was stuck with the box and the question of how or where to turn it in. I received bills asking for over $300 for the box if not returned, which is no biggy since it was able to be returned, BUT THEN. After I had got done talking to a woman on the phone that A) could not tell me where to turn the box in and B) told me my account was shut down and once the box was returned I would be cleared. Imagine my surprise when I got an email stating that my charter bill was ready for viewing. That's right, being charged for a cable service at an address where I no longer lived. It looks to me like there are 3 or more years of bad experiences speaking here, and countless others on different sites. It should be illegal to conduct business in such a way.

Evan Tishuk ~ 7 years ago

Amen brother. Let's start a not-for-profit telecom business together -- always neutral, and no bandwidth caps.

I would much prefer it if Charter would simply state how much money they need to charge per month in order to be profitable, rather than nickel and diming their customers. For what it's worth, I switched from AT&T to Charter about 1.5 years ago (long story), and I just got the standard middle-of-the-road package and purposefully tried to find the price point somewhere between $60 and $70 / month -- knowing this is probably their sweet-spot and I'd be less apt to get hassled or shaken down. So far so good.

Gregor ~ 7 years ago

Charter, in particular, is extremely arrogant and literally laughs at all of us stupid enough to subscribe to their service (we have to since they are the only game in town except for CenturyTel, who is even worse). In reading this thread, it is clear that they do not care. What are our alternatives?

ndfan ~ 6 years ago

Wow what crap. Just moved to Reno area from Tucson. I was looking at charter to get internet but I saw the ridiculous crap they were charging. An extra 10 a month for wireless in your home?! Stupid!! I mean I was paying 50a month for internet and phone in Tucson. With a wireless aswell. Just ridiculous. I'm sticking to using my cell phone internet! This charter company is just plain stupid. And I can't believe so many put up with it!

Visitor ~ 6 years ago

Internet with charte;r If you have HSI max 25 mgs call and downgrade now you are paying for than the HSI plus plan that is 30 mgs. The next step is 100 mgs which you dont need unless you are running a server at home. Wireless don't rent get go buy a router at any store and if you can afford it buy your own modem why pay rental on a inexpensive piece of equipment.

dantihesis ~ 6 years ago

I've been with Charter since early 2000's. Have only paid retail once.
Just have basic TV and supposed 8Mb internet.
They had two 480i channels for most of the basic channels. As of yesterday, they dropped all the better resolution 480i channels leaving those channels looking like old UHF channels on CRTs. Talking to a tech today came down to them saying all will be forced to pay more for a set top box (i run cable straight to tv) and screw anyone that can't afford it. I just leave my glasses off and it looks okay. I do still get local channels in 1080i and 720p. Just a few in 1080i since most have or are downgrading from 1080i to 720p to save money and bandwidth and so I've been told by two network techs, most people can't tell the difference. I can with my now unnecessary 1080 TV. Love how these folk manipulate the masses.
Going to save for an antenna that will get past the trees. Advertisement paid for television up until cable. No reason it still can't other than overpaid execs.

Lazarus Long ~ 6 years ago

CHARTER SUCKS A HEAP OF ASS THE SIZE OF MOUNT VESUVIUS. I have not been renting their lousy piece of crap modem for over 8 years, but just last week they decided they wanted to start charging me rental again so they sent me a letter notifying me that they had overlooked my failure to pay for a modem for a long time but would now generously forgive their oversight and only charge me from this day forward. I spent a couple hours on the phone getting assurances from various levels of management that this charge would not appear on my bill while they 'research' the issue. But of course the bill I received today has the charge on it. So I needed to write about this before I call the customer disservice number, because if I don't vent now my cussing is sure to make that poor lady in India's hair fall out.

ADVICE if you buy your own modem to avoid the rental fee: SAVE YOUR PAPERWORK. FOREVER. I of course threw mine out last year with my annual cleanup of papers that are over 7 years old, so of course they now magically discover that they aren't getting rental from me.

How can there not be any competitors taking down this piece of shit company? The biggest laugh is that I also received a goddam ADVERTISEMENT to upgrade to the bundle. So I can get screwed on phone and TV too! Where do I sign up?

Brandon ~ 6 years ago

As Lazarus Long stated in the last blog, I am getting screwed by charter's inept billing department. Basically I purchased a modem from them in a separate transaction, and about 1 yr later they decide to add a lease charge to the modem I had already paid for (same store as above). My biggest mistake is cleaning out old records/receipts from years past. Now I have to prove I bought the modem from way back when while they don't have to prove anything including a lease agreement... which they don't have a record of either. I can only hope I find the receipt and set their shady business practices down. Their customer services are so beyond pathetic, if they had competition they would go under in short order! What they need a class action law suit on these crooks!

Mike ~ 6 years ago

As bad as Charter is, AT&T is WORSE! I can't wait to get back to Charter. There are NO GOOD OPTIONS....

Visitor ~ 6 years ago

Oh my God, you are my hero. I've been waiting for someone to write this. Charter is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Even all the way out here in Southern California. They suck nationwide!

Donna ~ 6 years ago

Every time I need something done that is going to save me money and reduce my bill, the technitian tells me that "is not on the order" even after I have scheduled it. However, they never lose the order and always show up when it is something that is going to add money to my bill. Funny, huh.

Visitor ~ 5 years ago

I got the Charter Bundle because I needed Internet. It has been a nightmare. My first bill was wrong. Cancelled phone because I didnt want it. Then it appeared again on my bill. I am so frustrated. I am going to try and keep Internet with Charter and go back to Direct TV. I know that will be a new nightmare. Lord knows what they will want to charge me because i'm not in the "Bundle". This is crazy!

Visitor ~ 5 years ago

Moving from the Northeast to Greenville SC and have been dealing with Charter getting new service. As someone who has had to deal with Comcast for years, and hates to leave Verizon Fios behind, let me tell you things can be worse.

First, Charter's online help is a joke. Setting up a TV/internet bundle in an apartment complex and they want to charge me $70 for 'installation'. Online rep says he can 'lower it to 50 for me' if I remove a couple TVs without boxes, since I can run the wires myself. Well no sh-t. I can install it all myself (IT tech by trade) and I can make that install charge drop to $49 too if I do the same thing on-line. How about no install charge since there's no need for me to wait for a tech? I'm sure he needs to eat too, but I'm not paying for something that I don't need.

Then I try calling the rep the landlord has listed as 'servicing' the complex. She doesn't call me back but another guy does. Phone call doesn't start off right when he tries to give me a DVR box (that I didn't want unless free, getting a standard HD box free online) and that the internet package I want -starts- about $30 more then what I'm seeing online with the bundle I created. I stop him and explain what I already have listed online. All I need to do is hit submit, but the landlord had this number listed as someone that helps out their tenants.

He makes a few calls, calls me back with the same deal as on-line, but locked in at 12 months instead of the max 6 that online gives. This is good so I don't get any surprises 6 months from now (jinx). Also gets the install fee lowered to $30 (tech does have to physically connect service to my building, they are apartment townhomes), but is looking into getting it dropped completely. An annoying process, but I guess I was able to get "something" done once he knew he wasn't talking to a rube.

Fingers crossed, move-in time isn't a frustrating mess. I know from experience Comcast would have been much worse, but Verizon would have been better. And I can't stand ATT in my current area, so I'm hoping I don't have to see how bad they are in SC if Charter slips.

Meanwhile any other utilities is a simple on-line form and takes no-time to setup.....

Visitor ~ 5 years ago

The set-top box broke. So, they came and replaced it -- with one that did not record shows. It took me a week to figure that out, since I do not record much. They came out and replaced it a week later -- and the tech broke a 25' HDMI cable of mine. Said he would contact his supervisor (Stephanie) and get back to me. That was early July. (I used another one, but it was and is still broken).

I called in early September and reported it. I got a call from Terrence in SImpsonville that I should just drive out there and pick up a new one. From here to there is 20.1 miles each way. I said, "Not a good solution." He said a supervisor would drop one off in the next day or two...

He called me back to say that they had a 12 foot, but not a 25 foot cable. (Geeze, just think of how I would have reacted if I had actually been stupid enough to drive out there!).

Three weeks later, no followup so I called again AND went online into a chat, since I was on indefinatel hold on the phone. After explaining the situation, the chat lady said that I would have to call back when that department was working.

At this point, I have about 5 hours invested in all this, with 4.5 hours of that time invested in being on hold. SO, I ask if there is not some way that a problem report could simply be put into the system so that someone there might contact me when they had a solution. Answer: unbelievably, "NO."

Eventually, my telephone call (simultaneous with chat) is answered. No answers. No solution. No resolution. But they are at least AWARE that I have a problem and that I am pissed.

So, three months, 3 inbound Charter phone calls, two calls from Terrence that simply wasted my time since he did not followup, and I am still out a cable. If I valued my time at $3 an hour, it would have made more sense just to go online and buy a cable.

But I would like Charter to feel a little of MY pain with all this. I expect them to (eventually) replace the cable they broke.

And I wonder how they can maintain such a monopoly business, knowing that they are the Worst Rated Service Company in the Uniited States and that they charge a LOT of money for really poor customer service.

Think our local politician legislators get this same remarkable level of customer service?

Why don't we have a company around here that can actually provide service of value?

Charter sucks.

avajo ~ 5 years ago

Thank You so much for this blog, on the evil bussiness practice's. I've had charter for 2 year's recently, prior to i had them for year's in another county.... I dont remember them being dishonest then... I had a feeling they had lost alot of bussness and are now trying to make up some of there loss by illeagally charging current customer,s bogus $ 5-40.0 here and there in our bills and they have a way of making them sound as though there legitamate!!!! I spend 2 hr's on the phone with customer service on the average every other month to every month, making them explain where these alien charges come from and 90% of the time they say the charges will be taken off and low and behold the same ilegitamate amounts will still be there with yet another months billing charges that makes it that much more outragious..... It has been like this for 2 going on 3 years.. Where does this end... where do i go for help???? Report them to the better bussiness bureau and continue on with the attorney general... However us charter customers are worn out.. 'I dont even have the option of getting At&t due to at&t keeping my phone number for a month and had to fight to get that back, so now i have a back bill with them... Charter wants to be paid a month in advance, thats a months worth of service i havent ,used on top of alll the unexplainable extra chardges therefore it keeps my account in the in shutoff and most likely effects my credit.. I havent had internet 54 day's in the last week , which means i dont have a landline phone.. I have a state phone thank God, and they have used up 80% of my minutes for this month . When the remaining 43 mins are gone i will be left with NO service or help ... I had a service person here for the 3rd time this week.. Today they were here at 2;30 till 5 pm.. I have been paying for highspeed internet all this time, and due to the old cable they knew needed replacement, i was not getting it... I being new to computer,s, didnt know what was wrong. They told me it was my computer.. Since the cable was replaced i see the definate difference. That is and issue i have yet to address, and we all know i may as well kiss that credit goodbye.. I hate the upper management , owner's and billing people of this company.. They are trained theives THEIVES , THEIVES...... I have been in such heated discussions with customer service, when i get off the phone i am literally sick for the rest of the day (physically). This is not right. PLEASE lets do something about this company.. I havent even scimmed the top of my issues ive had with charter... Charter more than sucks.. I am trying to be civil...

Ruth ~ 4 years ago

On Tuesday, August 19, I called Charter and asked them to cut off the television part of my Charter “bundle”. The lady I spoke with was super nice, she placed the order to have JUST cable TV cut off.
She gave me a firm price for home phone and internet. We shall see if that happens.

On Thursday, the 21st. No one knocked on my door, before or after climbing the pole. He turned off everything! I was planning a little birthday brunch for a friend on Saturday morning and needed the internet and email for RSVP’s and other things, like looking for WORK! Then, as Murphy’s law would have it, my cell phone “died” that same day. I went in to get an upgrade and was treated so badly, I came home, crying. Lol
When I went back to the cell phone company, the manager had already talked with the lady that was rude because she saw what happened before I left there! She made up for it, gave me a terrific deal on a phone, but Charter has done nothing to compensate me or even offer an apology. Stick with me, this gets better.

When I called and talked with yet another Charter Customer service person, I was told that they would come on SUNDAY, between the hours of 1 and 3. I left church before the sermon was over, flew home, waited 3 hours and no one showed up! I had planned to have lunch with friends, but gave that up for Charter!

When I called to report this, I couldn’t even get an apology because they kept saying that the tech guy came and I wasn’t at home! I was here. I never even went outside and I can hear the doorbell over anything. Remember, I have no TV, no internet (thanks to their mistake) and I was here! After they finally made another appointment to come by, I asked a friend to come and spend the day with me, so that I would have a witness if they were a no-show again! We stayed here for the day, no one showed up, AGAIN!

By the time I courageously called, yet again, I had talked with 4 different customer service people who would not apologize.They said they came on Sunday and no one was here! I kept calling until someone listened. His name was Walter and he should be the President of Charter. The tech guy should be the vice president! Hang with me, this gets better!!!! Walter actually listened and cared! He asked me if I would mind holding until he did his best to get to the bottom of the problem. Of course, I am using my cell phone because they mistakenly turned of my home phone, so I plugged my cell in, put it on speaker and waited. He came back and asked me did I live in a double wide trailer. He said that was where they had been going. He put me on hold again. He came back and apologized profusely and asked me if there was a double wide trailer near my house. I said no. He suggested that I talk with his supervisor, who had supposedly helped him get to the bottom of the problem. She came on and said, “what can I help you with”. I said, “lady, you have to be kidding”. Walter has just solved this terrible situation I’m in and you supposedly helped. He thought you might want to speak with me and offer another apology but you obviously don’t find that important, so I’m going to thank you and let you go.

Walter had assured me that a representative tech would be at my house THAT DAY Tuesday, late but OK with me, by now! He did show up promptly and here is what you’ve been waiting for……..He showed me the original job order. It said that I had moved 2 weeks ago and needed everything cut off! Then the job order for the tech guy said that I lived in a double wide trailer!

I am afraid to put my name on this letter. I hope the media will post it. I am going to put it out, so that hopefully, NO ONE is ever treated this way by Charter again. This is a true story. I even left out some of the insulting things that customer service people said to me during this awful trauma. I have other horror stories from years ago.

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