Chem-bots bad

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I feel like all our hard work in trying to inform the world about the evils of self-aware robots is falling on deaf ears. Case in point, Olivier shared a link with us about chembots

The robot DARPA wants to see must be a soft, flexible, mobile robot that can squeeze into hard-to-reach places

I can't even count the ways that soft, flexible, mobile robots that can squeeze into hard-to-reach places is a bad idea.


Lord ~ 9 years ago

Also pretty bad are a href="">talking robofish

Lord ~ 9 years ago

apparently I suck at coding or just typing a < but the link is

Visitor ~ 7 years ago

yeah i agree but its gonna take lke 20 years 4 bots 2 be even remotely agressive

Patrick ~ 9 years ago

I thought you should be warned. Firefox 3 is a robot conduit. Go into the address bar of Firefox 3 and type;


Oh well, got to go do some multi-tasking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail between my house and Travelers Rest. Headed to Leopard Forest and shooting video, etc. along the way to prepare myself for a future projects. I'll keep an eye out for robots in the woods.

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