Chicken Fried Bacon

Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

One of the many reasons I love Susan is because she forwards me emails to things like Chicken Fried Bacon.


Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

Everything really is bigger in Texas. The only person who isn't morbidly obese in that video is the guy actually frying the bacon. And I hear he's not originally from Texas.

Lord ~ 10 years ago

I got a clogged artery just from watching this video. The EMT said he'd never seen anything like it before.

Mike Gowan ~ 10 years ago

I thought suicide was illegal.

Susan ~ 10 years ago

Glad you enjoyed :)
It's such a simple combination of two staples in southern cuisine (three if you count the gravy) that I'm really surprised it hasn't made its way to the Southeast. My assumption is that the messenger stopped for a po'boy in Lake Charles and collapsed.

Susan ~ 10 years ago

Also, I've had kinda a rough week, so feel free to make a list of all my other outstanding qualities and send them to me. It shouldn't take long to write them both down.

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