ChipperDemon's November Collection Coming at Ya'

Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

It's only a week away from ChipperDemon's November compilation with an adequate list of bands on the chopping block. Here are a few of the bands to be prepared for:

French Miami - Rolling Stone has French Miami on the November "Buzz List" and for good reason. This past week the band released their debut LP with the hot hit tracks, "Science Fiction" and "The Goddamn Best." Out of San Francisco this trio delivers a Joy Division sound and mixes it up with quick guitar licks and killer shouting choruses. Between the slow but guitar brilliant "Science Fiction" and the more catchy chorus and power chord heavy "The Goddamn Best"; it's still a battle between which will make it onto the November compilation, if not both of them.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - The last week of October, SSLYBY came out with their latest collection of pop music genius, Pershing, which features the fantastic track, "Modern Mystery." Starting with a simple guitar riff that leads into light vocals growing slightly more complicated into a fairly anti-climatic but delightful chorus. The song gives listeners a chance to enjoy simple but fantastic music with poignant lyrics. However the song "House Fire" from their first full length album starts with a fantastically piano, guitar, and drum complicated intro and transitions into this elongated guitar sound guiding the ear through the bridge for an Elliot Smith-esque chorus. It'll be a tough decision which song will make it this month.

Department of Eagles - In November, Department of Eagles released their LP, In Ear Park, filled with delightful simple tracks. "No One Does It Like You" is the quintessential old sound yet entirely new and delicious. The song is incredibly simple with basic lyrics, basic instrumentals and has this overall essence of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band mixed with the Monotones. Started in NYU, this duet (Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and Fred Nicolaus) is bound to make an appearance in November.

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