Clemson CBBS Sets up Shop in Greenville

Posted December 01, 2009 by Jim Ciallella

Watch the video describing the partnership between Clemson's College of Business and Behavioral Science and downtown Greenville.

Glad to see Clemson continuing to make potential win-win investments. The University Center worked out well, but the new building next to Falls Park should make a great home for the MBA program.


Jim Ciallella ~ December 01, 2009

I think they could have picked a better video clip at minute 3:14.

Barker says, "unparalleled learning experience for our automotive engineers", just as they show a student covering his yawn.

Jim Ciallella ~ December 01, 2009

Maybe yawning isn't so bad. Bear previously linked to this article about how yawning is good for the brain.

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