Clemson Robot is still a winner in my book

Posted March 11, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Dear Clemson Students,

You really munson'd a golden opportunity to do something great.

Despite being the popular favorite (on the internet) the Clemson Robot was unsuccessful in his its bid for Clemson University student body president. Apparently it received about 10% 11% of the vote (official Results)---not enough for the run off.

Robot would like to express his thanks to everyone who supported him in this endeavor. If he was able to have an emotion, he would feel deep gratitude at this time



Jim ~ March 12, 2006

It actually received closer to 11% via the Clemson Robot official website. 720 votes to be exact (including mine!).

Still, he beat out one of the real candidates and another barely edged him out by 3%.

nobrainer ~ March 12, 2006

Who was the Invalid? Did he have a website, too, with movies of him just laying around and stuff?

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