Clemson's color is orange not pink

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I'll go ahead and say it: At its core, pink merch is a sign of phlegmatic fandom. It has to be! Look at the reason it exists. Inherent in the very lifeblood of a non-team-colored item (i.e. a pink Broncos T-shirt) is the message I put flair in front of team spirit. My style will not be trumped by distasteful team colors. --Preach it.


Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

I care less about the distasteful colors. What gets me is that wives and girlfriends on the periphery of fandom get to pose as fans while subtly saying "I'm too cool for those colors." I don't like it, but it sells. Good for whoever is making a buck off it.

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