Code Red! Robots are conspiring to take over the planet! Code Red!

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Code bleepin' red people!

In the past, I've been called crazy for my constant and consistent clamoring that self-aware robots must be stopped. But now we have video evidence that robots are conspiring to take over the planet. This android admits as much in front of a New York Times reporter and the reporter does nothing. Nooootttthhhhhhiiinnng!

We can not trust the media. They are on the side of the robots. We can only trust this humble blog. Self-aware robots must be stopped!

If you can't watch the whole thing the important part of the video starts at the 2:40 mark.


Lord ~ 7 years ago

I am distraught in the knowledge that such an atrocity resides in my State of birth. What a horrible thing. My brother is no friend to robots himself, perhaps I can convice him to go over to Bristol, VT and burn the damned thinking machine with fire.

Fortunately at this time, it may aspire for world domination, but I'd say it should really be try for more humble goals. Say like getting some limbs. Stupid robots!

Evan Tishuk ~ 7 years ago

Looks like the robot is borrowing one of your sweaters.

Susan ~ 7 years ago

Six days ago I almost left work early just to escape the restricted network and see what all the fuss was in this YouTube video. A week later this thing still creeps me out, and I rest assured knowing I was right to be fearful of Glamour Head Barbie as a young girl
( sorry you guys know I suck at tags.

Adam Gautsch ~ 7 years ago

Barbie is most certainly a robot sympathizer and cannot be trusted.

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