Coffe Cup Art

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Coffee Cup art by Bob Obsolete via Serious Eats. On a related note, OrangeCoat got two new coffee mugs made by a local artist. They're pretty sweet. One has turtle on the side of the mug.


Lord ~ 8 years ago

Those coffee cups are amazing. A lot of them represent an aesthetic style which I am really fond of. I guess you might call it Neo-Art Nouveau or something.

Also, nice new office mugs. The turtle is great. What's on the other one?

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

I'm not sure of what the art on the second mug is. When we said "we'd take two" I was expecting the second second mug to be a turtle mug as well.

Then we would have had Two Turtle Mugs and that would just be fun and lyrical.

Lord ~ 8 years ago

Two Turtle Mugs does sound like the name of a band. I bet they would play some wondrous finger pickin' neo-bluegrass and light acid jazz (if light acid jazz is at all possible)

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