College Football Season

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Clemson on the hill: A picture of Clemson running down the hill

The most important and celebrated season of the year at OrangeCoat is the college football season.

A good place to start your college football reading is with this collection.

And then you can graduate to OrangeCoat's full list of college football links we've collected throughout the years.

And remember folks, Ron Cherry is not cool. Not one bit.


Rob ~ 9 years ago

ugh. at the mention of Ron Cherry I threw up in my mouth.

dave ~ 9 years ago

Boilermakers, that is all.

Billy ~ 9 years ago

Roooooooooll Tide!

Will ~ 9 years ago

War Eagle!

Tommy Bowden Jr. ~ 9 years ago


Carp ~ 8 years ago

I am a little concerned that your college football celebration pic is of the purple tigers. Got to find you a better pic.

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago

The kids like the purple. Don't be such a grumpy, old man.

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