Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The first person that can convince me why the scrolling widget at the bottom of this page is a good things gets a bottle of Blanton's courtesy of OrangeCoat.


nobrainer ~ 16 years ago

If someone you know and hate has epilepsy, that website might give them the seizure that finally kills them.

Please ship the bourbon to my office at

122 Engineer's Way
Room 113
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

I might have guessed Nobrainer would jump on that first. I'll definitely buy a round next time you're in tiger town. Any chance of a trip for a basketball game this year?

nobrainer ~ 16 years ago

Basketball game? The odds are between about zero and none.

Though if everything else is going well for me, I'll probably be heading down there semi-regularly starting in late March.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Not a basketball guy. I didn't know. The law of Conservation of Sports Fandom I suppose. NASCAR supplanted Basketball in your case?

nobrainer ~ 16 years ago

Actually I'd love to make it down for a game. But with the way the remaining schedule works out, it just isn't feasible.

tom sherman ~ 16 years ago

In our increasingly fast-paced world, the handy scrolling widget kept me from leaving the web page when I thought that the connection with the server had stalled and the entire endeavor was a waste of my time. Buoyed by a scrolling message of hope, I redoubled my patient resolve and stayed on the site, eventually experiencing a wonder of usability and efficient use of screen space.

olivier blanchard ~ 16 years ago

It's not as fun as spinning until I pass out, but it's a whole lot faster.

Chad ~ 16 years ago

It did manage to give my 1/2 second attention span something to look at while the remainder of the page loaded. I would call that a good thing.

If the scrolling widget nets me a bottle of Blanton's then I will go so far as to call it a great thing!

Adam Gautsch ~ 16 years ago

Y'all a far way from convincing me though nobrainer's is the best answer so far and for that he gets nothing. ~ 16 years ago

The web designer downed a bottle of Blanton’s while working on the site :)


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