Video games have effected culture

Posted 16 years ago by Evan Tishuk

This is something that you really won't "get" if you aren't part of the ninetndo generation.

Coincidently, Bear just sent me an email on an unrelated subject that said nothing more than "up up down down left right left right b a start." I wonder if references like these will ever make it past the internet and into more of a mainstream inside joke.

I think back to when I read Hamlet for the first time. A large portion of the the text was actually footnotes explaining the esoteric and nuanced humor of Shakespear's day. Will weird video game references work their way into the culture such that in the future people will look back and wonder, "wtf is the konami code and why is it in my classical literature book?"


olivier blanchard ~ 16 years ago


Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

The secret handshake of dorks.

Adam Gautsch ~ 16 years ago

That video was amazing. I know I should no longer be amazed about what people choose to be inspired by but when it is Mario and they put that much time into it, I'm still amazed.

By the way, my favorite cheat code of all time is still

a b a c a b b

Anyone? No Googling please.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

My favorite part is when Mario does the Big Lebowski-esque horizontal flight for a mushroom just out of reach.

And your code is way too easy. I'll let someone else guess.

C-Town ~ 16 years ago

I have no idea what cheat code that is, but i'll guess anyway - Mike Tyson's Punchout? There is only one that I have memorized and I think everyone else knows it too. up up down down left right left right B A select start

C-Town ~ 16 years ago

Sorry, I just decided to read your entire post. Haha, I guess i should read before I proceed.

Jeremy ~ 16 years ago

Heh, had to google. But I remembered once I did.

But you're wrong's:

up up down down left right left right B A start

THAT'S the best code ever :-)

Jeremy ~ 16 years ago

Er...crap, I really gotta read the WHOLE freaking post. But you get my point, Contra had the best code.

C-Town ~ 16 years ago

Growing up, I had friends. That's why my Contra code ends w/ select start.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Haha. Patent C-Town line.

taylor ~ 15 years ago

The konami code has that particular name for it 'cuz contra wasn't the only game that it was in, as a matter of fact. Gradius was the first official game that the konami code was in, and the reason why the code is called that is because a lot of the games that used that code were produced by konami. 'nuff said.

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