Posted August 10, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Clemson Beer Pong Table
Clemson Beer Pong Table


KTM ~ November 03, 2006

This is a beer pong table! My fiancee built this table. It is all hand painted. I don't know how this table got to this site but there is a reason for the size. It is 1/60 of a real pro football field. A cup goes in the holder behind the field goal. It is called the "game changer". If you hit that cup, it is worth 3 cups. I have more pictures of tables if anyone is interested. So far, they have made a Clemson, 2 Panthers and Wake Forest.

Visitor ~ December 04, 2012

I know its been a while since you've posted this. but would your husband be interested in building one of these for a fee?

C-Town ~ November 08, 2006

Are the cupholders on the edge of the table where you put the cups you are supposed to shoot at or are the holders for your drinking cup?

KTM ~ November 08, 2006

We can send you more pics so you can see or you can go to my space and look up "Beer Pong Champ" under the search engine. There are pics and a slide show for all the beer pong tables we have built!

Evan Tishuk ~ November 10, 2006

Heck yeah! Forward any photos to: evan [at] orangecoat [dot] com

Evan Tishuk ~ August 10, 2006

Wait... I do not think this is a beer pong table. I think it's a table for that retarded paper football-flicking game. Although, if we took down the goal posts and nixed the fences around the sides, it would it might work.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 10, 2006

Too many cup holders not to be a beer pong table.

Evan Tishuk ~ August 10, 2006

The cups go ON the table my man. Where's C-town?

nobrainer ~ August 10, 2006

Yeah those goal posts would totally get in the way of an honest beer pong game.

Plus it looks like a standard 6' fold out table, making it too short for a traditional game.

Adam Gautsch ~ August 11, 2006

I would continue this arguement because I think I could win it but Evan promises me he played a game of paper football on this type table. So, I lose. Or Jimmy loses because he sent me the picture and called it a beer pong table.

Not for nothing, I think the goal posts would be a help not a hurt for beer pong. Help you line up your shots and what not.

Susan ~ August 11, 2006

Wait, who plays organized paper football-flicking past the 5th grade? (aside from the Office Olympics)

Evan Tishuk ~ August 11, 2006

A while back, Budweiser was doing some sort of promotional paper-football tournament. I got suckered into playing 1 round while a friend was taking a break. It was on a table very similar to the one above. I'm not proud of this experience.

Susan ~ August 14, 2006

I wasn't really giving you a hard time, Evan. I don't think my group is far from office supply games, seeing how commonly overheard phrases around here include "That's what she said" and "Asphinctersayswhat?".

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