Customer Service by David Chang

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

There is something very enjoyable about the statement

We try not to cook for the customer but cook for ourselves.

Via, who else, Serious Eats


dave ~ 8 years ago

I'm kind of glad Shepherd Fairey didn't win this. I mean yeah, the Obama poster was a hit, but I don't need to tell you guys anybody who knows anything about Photoshop can do the exact same thing.

Tragically enough, Fairey is just a hack. The guy recycles old ideas, tweaks them and clips out image artifacts, and changes the agenda behind them and calls it art.

(also nice new CAPTCHA)

Brian ~ 8 years ago

I loved Chang's remark:

"Why should food be celebrated just for the wealthy elite? It should be delicious for everybody."

I think that not only translates to food, but really so many other things: homes, cars, beer, clothes... Certainly cost can prohibit the use of certain materials and features, but with a little extra thought, a dash of art can be added to anything to make it more enriching and unique, giving people a sense of worth and value in even simple things.

Instead, we save artistic for the rich and give bland to the poor.

Evan Tishuk ~ 8 years ago

You could also make the argument that some people are blind to quality and hence it is wasted on them. If they begin serving higher quality beer at some of the less classy local watering holes, I think there will be a riot against it. Some (perhaps most?) people have no taste, are skeptical of people who do, and truly don't want to pay for any extra quality. Hooray America!

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