David Sedaris is funnier than you

Posted 11 years ago by Adam Gautsch

If the New Yorker could start offering a podcast of David Sedaris reading his work, that would be great. Until then, we will just have to read them the old fashion way.


Lord ~ 11 years ago

“Fuck you, Sloppy Nobody, for making me turn my head.” I feel like I have uttered those exact lines on countless occasions at any number of places. Resturants, bars, public forums, sports games. The funny thing is that usuallly when I am the person saying this I too am a sloppy nobody just lounging around with a undeserving sense of self importance (well not that undeserving, actually a pretty legitimate sense of self worth)

Lord ~ 11 years ago

Not only is Sedaris very funny but he may well be one of the best writers around. I swear the guy has the amazing gift to make any situation into something worth reading, thinking about, and enjoying all at the same time.

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